Hi. I’m Bryan.

I’m a writer, a ‘coming soon’ author and singer-songwriter. I write about a lot of things but here at this blog, it’s only about 3 things now.   3 words in fact…

Starting. Sustaining. Finishing.

I do exhaustive research on how people have succeeded in making it through the cycle of these 3 actions. I then write solutions from what I’ve gathered out of the minds of people much wiser than I.

The Realization

What I’ve realized, not only in myself but in others that most people never properly make it through this cycle. They either start poorly, can’t sustain what they’ve started or simply never finish.

I’ve recently began what I call my daily work with my writing and business tasks. I didn’t understand all the benefits of doing this at first. Now I’m happy to share my findings to combat this problem, on top of the sage advice I curate from others.

The Assignment

I’m tasked with the mission of getting to the bottom of this issue. My assignment is to provide as many solutions to help you conquer this cycle seamlessly.

The result is to get you, the reader to the finish line as often as possible. Make a reasonably thought out start. Sustain your performance over time. And to actually finish the job at hand.

The formula is simple. Going through the cycle definitely is not. My hope is to get you through this cycle as quickly as possible and onto the next level.

Come Aboard

Longsuffering entrepreneurs, creatives and business seekers will discover ways to increase productivity, build teachable skill sets and utilize the right tools in creating a more enriched lifestyle.

  • You want to have a well-prepared start
  • You want the capacity to sustain your performance
  • You want to most importantly finish what you’ve started

If this sounds like you, then you’re certainly in the right place.

I try my best to provide solutions for you without all the glitz and glamour…not that there’s anything wrong with that. You just get my best words with as much substance that I can deliver.

Come aboard and get my top stuff each week in your inbox.  I’m happy to serve you in this journey.


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