So you are supposed to know who you’re targeting for your business at the start.

And for a certain few of us this comes easy.

For a certain other few it’s not. I’m in that certain other few because it’s still uncertain.

I can say I have an idea from the social feedback I get. But it’s not detailed or descriptive as I’d like it to be. I know my crowd is older in the 35-45 range.

I thought it was mostly male but I get a lot of female feedback as well. I know that the majority of my audience are either mothers or fathers. They have a good family.

They work or are either in the lifestyle business or aspiring to be in that mix.

But can I go any further than that?


They seem to like my tech content. My marketing tools I present are welcome.
I even get responses on what they want me to share.

They are good people. Genuine people. I trust them.
We all seem to be on the same path to live a more free life than that next man.

So maybe I do have a bit of target working here. More than I thought.
I guess sometimes you have to write it out to be sure. Now can this be more defined? Yes.

As I go along, I will get more feedback and grab more of their interests.
Like I know they are into movies, art and having fun.

So there’s more.

I didn’t even know all of this till I poured it out to you as I’m writing this just now.

So this is lesson for me to just write it and not deny it next time.
When you write it out it will all make more sense to you.

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Now, you may be saying, but Bryan…“You have feedback already”
“you have an audience already”

Perhaps yes. And we’ll get into how that was done. But my audience is not as
potent as some others out there.

I believe I have some loyal followers. Yes.
Good friends who follow me and vice versa. Yes.
People that are referred to me. Yes.

But it’s all about one thing. What I share.

I just started sharing what I like. Sharing what I do. Sharing my thoughts. Sharing my research.
Sharing the content I create.

And if people liked it, great.
If they didn’t, then it was something that probably didn’t need to be shared.

Thank God there were people who liked what I had to share. This started on a livestream app called Meerkat.

And then evolved slightly onto SnapChat.

Each time I just shared what I knew. It wasn’t hard. And it’s not even sharing what I knew.
Because there are lots of things I curated that I had no real knowledge.

But people like the information.

People like the highlights.

Everyone is busy with life and if they can get some pertinent info
in a pinch, it’s golden to them.

Think about that for second.

People can also make do with the highlights.

That’s why ESPN is so popular. They found a huge niche. Stuck with sports and just curated the sports into news bites. Big hit as we know now they are a juggernaut.

They got their audience which they target more specifically now. But they didn’t have a real clue in the beginning.

That’s why I have a problem with some people having to force this avatar on you like it’s an exact science on a product that has not had any exposure yet.

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It’s not as simple as that, when you’re first starting out. If you have the marketing expertise and staff and high-tech tools and money to experiment with then that’s a different story.

But when you’re starting out, you have your own mind and a guesstimate.

Could you research some issues on forums and FaceBook groups, Quora, etc. Yes but that is not an exact science. It never will be. Even with all the high-tech tools, it’s not an exact science.

You will have to go through a trial and error period.

What I wrote above is really a guesstimate that may or may not be accurate in the long-term.

So your target market is tricky to figure out. That’s why I wouldn’t force it out in the beginning. Give it a guesstimate, yes. You don’t want to be too broad.

You want to target it down as much as you can.

Worse or should I say, best case scenario is to target people that are just like you!

Aren’t these the people you want to teach anyway. People who have your same interests and aspirations? People who want to go on the path you’re on.

People that actually relate to you. This is your target.

In it’s simplest form. You want an audience that receives your message the best. Who are these people. Find them. Go to the places they’re at and help them.

Am I right?

You love teaching don’t you? I do it every time I write.

Why wouldn’t I like to have people like that to teach and mentor and coach and consult and create products and membership sites and do podcasts for and with…and just everything!!

Find people like you.

This is your safe bet especially when you’re not quite sure who your target market is…

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This can get tricky if you know yourself. Cuz sometimes you know your target market won’t respond.

Being an introvert and shy, it’s almost like pulling teeth trying to get my audience to act.
So I can’t always go to that part of my audience.

Trust me. I’ve tried.

You may be an extrovert and find that teaching other extroverts is difficult too. Who knows. There are issues with each personality type.

Just find your way to the best fit. You will know it when you get the responses you’re looking for.

Just remember…

Don’t force your target market (No matter what the pundits say).
Start with people like you.
Evolve with feedback.
Find the right fit for your community.
And create the best content for the people who will receive your message the best.

And that’s how your target market will take shape.

Not easy but necessary over time.

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