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Brand New in 2022!

So what’s new in 2022…is simply this. I’m going to be a CREATOR!

I just finished writing to my email group about this and it speaks volumes to me.

You see…I never really got it till now. There were so many factors about me that didn’t fit in a lot of communities. I didn’t know where I belonged cuz I didn’t know who I was.

Am I a writer?

Am I a livestreamer?

Am I a coach?

Am I a singer-songwriter?

Am I a producer?

Am I a podcaster?

Actually, I’m a bit of all of these things. But…I’m also an introvert.

So while I can do these things, it’s also draining to me. I wondered why I couldn’t take that next leap into my productivity. This was why.

I never grasped the idea of ENERGY when it came down to my introversion.

So yes, you can do things you are purposed to do…but even in that, you have to be aware of what drains you as well. Energy is the KEY!

I actually pray about this all the time…for God to give me the energy to do the things I desire to do and be.

So the lesson is that you have to figure out once and for all…WHO YOU ARE?

Are you a Creator? or are you behind the scenes as guy or gal?

Are you a Livestreamer? or are you the faceless writer that kills it with words of value and substance.

I’ll never forget the time when….I had a person come to my clubhouse session and said she needed to go on video because all of her friends were. I didn’t want to grill her on that point.

I asked her why do need to be on video and that was her answer. It didn’t feel like that’s what she wanted to do. So there was a force there that shouldn’t have been.

Honestly…You can’t force something that is NOT YOU.

Trust me…I used to tell people to get on video too and you can just see their frightful eyes looking back at me.

Maybe I was wrong. Maybe I didn’t know WHO THEY WERE?

So that’s where the title begins for this year in 2022.

Brand NEW is just to be honest with who you are at this very moment.

List it out. What do you like to do?

Let me say that again. What are you doing now that you like except for this?

What is that exception?

For me…I love podcasting. I love doing interviews. I hate Editing.

So my joy of podcasting in its entirety is only 50/50%. That’s not good. But if I had an editor then the joy jumps up to 100%. I didn’t understand that I needed help.

Build a team around you.

Get help with the things you hate doing. This is really the key to a lot of the problems you’re facing. You need to get to a point where you’re only doing the things you like to do. That’s it.

Do what you like to do. Don’t do what hate to do. PERIOD.

This is what we’ll work on this year.

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