Anxious for things to happen now. I think that’s the biggest hurdle for any entrepreneur.

How long do you hold out till you get too anxious.

Too overwhelmed.
Too paranoid.
Too frustrated.
Too doubtful.
Too disappointed.
Too sad.

Yes, sadness creeps in because you want it so bad. Or at least you think you do. Are you doing enough to make your dreams a reality? Are you even on the right track?

All you know is that you’re on this path and no money is coming in period. There’s all this setup and work. All this preparation. Filling up your calendar with tasks.

But is this finally it?

Do you got the right strategy now? The blueprint that maps your success?

Clearly you’re moving along with some confidence. You can’t turn back now that you’ve put yourself out there. You have to go with it.

Take charge of it. Own it for once!

I’m talking about Authority here but we’ll definitely get into it. Keep reading…

Avoiding the embarrassment is probably the biggest fear.

You don’t want to be embarrassed. I don’t want to be embarrassed.
No one wants to a be embarrassed.

That’s always the gamble. Making a fool out of yourself.

It’s my biggest fear being looked upon as a fraud.

  • I don’t know enough.
  • I can’t people to succeed really.
  • I don’t have enough experience.
  • I just don’t have that authority.

Will people respect me?

And those don’t statements and questions of yourself just keep on a comin’.

Silly really when you realize this is ruining your whole belief structure.

I can hear John Lee Dumas in the background now warning me about the ‘Impostor Syndrome’.

It’s something the he harps on in all of his podcasts. Funny now that I Google it, I see that this is a real thing. I never knew. I thought it was just something clever John made up.

I’ll be investigating this a lot further.

Maybe this is what I’ve suffered from for so many years.

I can’t believe it!

Is there a cure?

I can only believe that to cure this disease of the mind is to do whatever it takes to make yourself an authority. Build it up then own it!

Let me say that again cuz it’s kinda killer when you say it.

Build Up Your Authority Then Own It!

In fact this may be a list moment for myself and others in the future.

Actually list out what it will take to cure this ‘Impostor Syndrome‘ for good.

You have to build on this belief that you have what it take…period.

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Build yourself into an authority. This is the only way to get you from feeling like a fraud.

You don’t like your current status?

Only you can change that. It’s about working smart at building one part of your business at a time.

So what will that take?

1. Connections

Knowing people in the know who are authorities in their own right will simply make you look better and feel even better. I won’t go into the famous phrases about you being the average of the folks around. Although there is merit in this statement.

The bottom line is that you must connect with people your same aspirations or higher.

Also, you can be a connecter that will boost your authority as well. Be the one that every can turn to for connections. This is huge!

2. Have a platform

Building a platform of your own is some way is definitely something that you should have. Not that a website is the answer. Your platform could be YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat, FaceBook, etc.

But it would be even cooler and preferred to have your own site to manage as your own piece of online real estate.

3. An Email List

Have an email list of preferably buyers is the grand daddy of them all. A huge, loyal list will make you look good to anyone. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be huge of course, but loyal is definitely the key.

It’s the first thing any online marketer will ask. If you don’t have a list or it’s tiny that’s not responsive, then you’re cooked. For most, it’s the measurement of how much money you’re able to generate.

4. Content Creation

Free and paid content creation is a way of life for your business. If you’re not putting out content, then you’re not doing creating a business. I’m talking about free and paid content. The paid content represents stand alone products, membership sites and other revenue streams.

You have to be putting out content on the daily.

I don’t mean writing a blog post every day. Although that is required for certain blogs. I mean content on multiple mediums. Your content will define you as an authority in your niche.

If you’re not putting out content, it’s easy to be forgotten especially online. So in order to stay relevant, you have to keep that content in the eyeballs of your audience at all times.

5. Revenue

If you’re not making any money online then you clearly don’t have a business. Your authority is shallow at best cuz you don’t have anything to back up what you’re teaching.

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You need a plan to make money. You really can’t be a true authority without this result in your business life. And if you’re not making money, people will know. You can’t fake it for long.

So make it and don’t have to fake it.

6. Testimonies

You need people to tell you that you’re an authority. If you get feedback from your audience, then you need to hear it. What do they think about you and what you’re doing.

Do they seek you out for you advice?

You need someone to pump you up and say, I go to him for this type of content when I’m looking for this. Or you need other people who are authorities to refer people back to you. That’s a major key!

So really quickly that’s six steps of things you need to get that authority you crave.

That belief in yourself is based on that authority. The more you build on each one, the better your belief in yourself will be.

But you have to work on your authority. It’s the only thing that’s going to work on calming down your anxiety.

With your new authority, you can do so many things that you thought were not possible before.

So get on these six steps and make not only yourself a believer but everyone else around you too.

And don’t be shy about your new authoritative status.

Share your expertise.

Share your content.

Share your testimonies.

Share in multiple platforms.

Make sure people know what you’ve done. Don’t just put it out, shout it out! Let world know that you have valuable content that can help make a difference in their lives.

You can do this.

Own your authority!


I’m back with an update and whole new perspective on this impostor syndrome thing.

It turns out, according to Wikipedia that Impostor Syndrome refers to those who are high achieving and suffer the pain of not of being exposed as a fraud. So despite the obvious accomplishments in their life, they internalize as if they are not worthy of it all.

They just don’t feel that it’s something they, themselves have actually done. They also go on to say that it’s most felt in women. And it’s a sad commentary that they don’t believe that they are smart enough or good enough to be that successful.

Dr. Pauline Rose with Suzanne Imes actually delivers her findings in this manuscript called “The Imposter Phenomenon in High Achieving Women: Dynamics and Therapeutic Intervention”.

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Many people go through this thought of being found out as something they perceive they are not. Men, for the most part, actually view their accomplishments as real achievements.  So what I’ve stated before is for everyone. But in some cases, this might not be the case.

I’ll give my uneducated opinion here. It’s not to be meant as a solution that may or may not work in these instances. But I think the reason why some may still find themselves unworthy is because they haven’t received the approval from the right person.

There is one person(s) they respect. whether that be good or bad, in which they that approval. They can get all the accolades from everyone else, but if they don’t get it from that right person, it’s incomplete. It could be a mother, father, teacher…it’s the person they respect the most.

If it’s not given then it’s never going to be good enough.

Just my theory on that. Take it or leave it.

Also, I think there is a root problem. It doesn’t start when they get successful. It must take place over time way beforehand.

And as I read on in the manuscript it tends to go with my theory as well. I encourage you to read that article in full if you feel you are suffering with this even a little.

You have to do it for you.

You may never get that approval from the one you respect. So you have to get that approval for yourself. Hopefully accomplishing things you’ve never done before does the trick. Otherwise find another person out there that you respect just as much to get it through to you!

No reason to try and do all of this and still feel pain inside.

You are not an impostor.

You are good enough.

You are respected.

Find it within yourself and search for it within others.

Conquer Impostor syndrome for good.

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