So is the morning routine the best routine for you?

Why is that most successful people go this route.
Start early and get it done.

The army quotes this on all their commercials right?

“They do more by noon then most people do all day…”

Sounds awesome doesn’t it?

Well in this article, we’ll deal with your productivity as it goes on for the rest of this year. And we’ll explore what the morning routine has meant to me and how it may relate to you.

So without further adieu,

Here are my notes….

I admit, I had this regimen going for awhile. I even had a product ready to go about it. I may or may not still put it out there depending on if this continues to work going forward.

Because I haven’t had the most success with it.

So what happened?

I was getting any sleep. That’s what happened.

I realized that I could hardly move by noon. Which may not be so bad but I couldn’t recover later at night either.

I was so energized later that I couldn’t get to sleep early. I was wide awake at Midnight.

Uh…this is not how the morning routine is supposed to work!

I famously got up at 5am sometimes 4 to get things done. It was going smoothly. It was hard but I took it as a challenge. I mean I was flat out exhausted. Not good.

I did my morning bible study first.

Then read from a book.

Then I wrote.

Then the exercise.

The exercise was always a work in progress.

But 3 outta 4 ain’t bad!

I called it…

R.E.W.L the Day.

And actually the writing took a back seat too. Now that I think of it. It obviously doesn’t now. I rule that big time. My writing is pretty much front in center of all I do.

Now the reading is suffering. I long to read but I never give it it’s due. I confess that I could always do it in the morning though.

Less distractions.

Very quite and peaceful.

Perfect for reading.

I would read to my heart’s content. Now I hardly get to it.

And maybe it’s the books that I’m reading. Every book I read now has an action plan at the end of each chapter. So I feel like I have to stop reading and start writing a plan.

It’s very anti-reading nowadays with non-fiction books anyway.

I may have to go and read some fiction books. But anyway, it’s the morning routine that definitely works. I’ve proven it. I almost most swear by it.

And I miss it.

I just am weary about getting some actual sleep. I researched about sleep or non-sleep as it were and the prognosis is not good. You need sleep.

It’s a death warrant if you’re not getting that time to give your body rest. As I’m writing now, I know I didn’t get the sleep I needed the night before.

It affects your whole day.

You can’t produce without a good night’s sleep. Now the coffee helps but that’s not really good to take every single day. Sorry coffee lovers.

But I find myself sucking down coffee now and it’s really messing with my entire system. Perhaps it’s the 3 packs of sugar I plop into it to make the coffee tastes so good?

But I need it sometimes or else I don’t survive the day.

So my dilemma was this…

I went to bed at midnight.

Got up at 5am…(and I really dragged myself outta bed at 5am.)

Did my normal routine.

Then by noon I was knocked out for 2-3 hours.

I couldn’t get any real business hours going. That’s not a proven schedule for business success. That’s not a proven schedule for anything!

Perhaps I had the whole routine wrong.

I probably could have incorporated some real business hour stuff before noon. But I didn’t plan that.

That’s the whole issue there.

My routine needed more than my R.E.W.L. aspect.

And by the way, the L. meant to like someone or connect with someone each day. And that didn’t need to be done necessarily in the morning.

But maybe that’s it.

The business wasn’t getting handled before noon. That’s telling!

Every person I hear about, does some business in the morning. Why couldn’t I? Why didn’t I?

Well maybe I was so zonked out that I couldn’t function. That’s one part of it. Actually a big part of it. I was really, really tired.

Well sometimes part of the issue is that I did a livestream show on the now defunct Meerkat app. That happened every day at 6am. That felt like work.

And the truth is, it wasn’t.

I had great content to share and it built a very loyal audience but that wasn’t real business. At least, not the way I had it set up. That’s a story for another article, on another day.

But unfortunately, now that Meerkat is gone, a lot of that audience is gone too. Just gone.

The content from those livestream shows is still there however and that’s always something to think about. Also another story, (for perhaps an upcoming book) on another day.

But your morning routine obviously has to have a detailed plan for your business. In fact, it’s a great thing to do as far as a deadline.

Cuz you really want to get your work done before noon.

Before the rest of the society finally wakes up you want your day to be over!

Actually that’s the key.

Get an actual plan created for your morning routine.

And make it stick. That plan should be for your business. The business that is real and thriving because you work on it every single day.

So let’s work this out…

1. Plan out your morning task(s)

Take the night before to just figure out the most important thing you need to get done before noon, the next day. List them out. It may be 3 big tasks. It could be just one.

I would definitely say that you should get that one thing done, without fail. Then if you can get those other two done, then great. Go for it.

The key is to get this planning done correctly. The planning should start from a vision you have for the year. Then working your back from there. 6 months, 3 months, 1 month then the week.

You should know precisely what’s next each day to get to the place you want to be. So be very precise in your day-to-day or else this won’t work the way you want to in the long run.


2. Work your business

Now feel free to use my R.E.W.L to start. I continue to use it but please don’t stop there. I would now interchange the “W” to mean also or more importantly, work your business.

You need to execute. You first need to plan.

But you can’t fail to execute on that plan. Everyday you need to get the tasks for your business done. It’s the ultimate badge of honor to finish those most important things for your business first.

Nothing else matters more. I find no better time to do this but the morning.

I know of a few great marketers who do great things at night but they are the exception…very rarely, the rule.

Just list out those task(s) and finish them. Evaluate and adjust to any tasks that you have trouble completing. And if you have a J.O.B. or kids and this is your side hustle, you’ll just have to get at least the one task done before your normal day begins.

No pressure.

That’s it! There is no step 3 except consistency.

Now if I could just go to be early….do it Bryan!