My deal today is find a way to combat inconsistency. I wrote about building an authority and curing impostor syndrome.

By the way, I missed one important thing about building an authority. That is to create something. Create something of value or something that will give your audience the results they want.

That’s number seven to that list.

Because if you’re in this game at all, and you haven’t created anything, then you really, really don’t have a business.

What are you actually selling?

Everything can’t be free right?

So you have to create products that you sell. Earn a living off of that. Now you could also do the affiliate thing but you get more online cred and build more authority by creating your own product.

So with that in mind, I get back to being consistent on these tasks.

I want to build authority but I can’t build on it every other day. Or every two days. Or for that matter once or twice a week.

What are you really building if you’re taking a day off anytime you feel like it. This comes down to a few things why you’re not hitting it hard every day.

Either you don’t believe or you just don’t want it enough. It’s not priority or you don’t think it’s really gonna happen for you.

So belief is knowing that your consistent efforts will produce the results you desire.

Believing that you can actually create something that will give people the results they want. Results that will invoke an ROI right?

Some revenue.
Some new way of life.
Some new form of standing.
Some recognition.

If you believe that it’s possible, why are you taking days off. Your journey into being this hugely successful entrepreneur will take longer than you expect.

Or perhaps it may not happen at all. And your belief in yourself as someone who can’t get it done would be absolutely correct!

Who do you want to be?
It’s in your grasp.
No better time than now to get it done.

But you have to make this a priority everyday. Your family needs to know. Your friends need to know.
Everyone needs to know that you have this set time to get things done.

You have to get to bed early.
Get up early to get things done.
Plan your daily schedule of tasks.
Do them!!

Every day.

This is not a game. This is your life.

So you have to make people aware that this is a priority.

You can no longer have an erratic schedule.
You can’t have random doctor appointments.
You can’t babysit at odd times.
You can’t watch TV right now.

Anything that is hindering your progress needs to take a backseat. This may seem a bit mean and rude. But you have to get control over your life.

Others can’t dictate that for you. My wife knows that I must write everyday. It took some time for her to understand that but she gets it now.

She knows it’s a part of my DNA now. She knows that it pains me to miss a day.

And that’s not joke either…It really pains me to miss a day!

So she gives me the space because I’ve communicated my resolve to her each and everyday.

“I Must Write!”

Seriously, this is what it takes.

So point number two.

Cuz I guess I’m just getting started.

How bad do you want it?

Or how badly do you want it…for the grammar checkers!


Your activity everyday should reflect just how bad you want it.

It should reflect just how much you want this to happen for you. And that all comes down to consistency.

You should be hustling to get things done so fast that it pains you not to have it complete. This needs to get you to a place that it just hurts for you not to be at that next level.

It’s a battle. It’s a real struggle that you have to downright fight for it. It’s your life we’re talking about.

You may already be frustrated. So do something about it.

It’s your fault.

You can’t blame anyone else but yourself.

So do something about it.

Want it your schedule.
Want it your prioritizing.
Want it your tasks each day.
Want it your preparation.
Want it by tracking and improving your progress.
Want it by never be scared of the moment.
Want it by asking for help.
Want it by not being afraid of embarrassment.

Want it because you know you do.

You just need to get everything in your daily life behind it. Your friends and family have to be on board with what matters most for the betterment of your future.

It’s that simple.

Do whatever it takes to find that answer to your consistency. The hardcore truth is that you need to make it number one for awhile.

Maybe forever or at least until you get it.

You see, some people never get it. They never get to the point where they make that switch.
What is that switch?

That switch is a lifestyle change. It simply comes down to that.

Doesn’t matter what you buy. It doesn’t matter if you have some great moments or that one big day. This has to be a daily commitment.

Build that streak and bring power to your commitment!

I keep harping on that daily creative. You need to create daily because that’s the only way to keep you going in the right direction.

It’s never gonna happen for you otherwise. So what are you willing to do to make this a reality?

You’ve been down this road before and it never happens because you’re unwilling to sacrifice the other things in your daily life.

It’s time for the sacrifice.

You know what needs to be done. So just do it. Change your lifestyle to reflect what it is you actually want.

Work backwards from the place you want to be and see what your daily life will look like?

I’m sure it’s not filled with 4 hours of TV watching or hours checking out Social media.

You know why?

You won’t have time. You’ll be too busy trying to change the world or at least some part of it!

So consistency must be your priority to get the results you truly want. Make it your daily work to get this done.

Be consistent. Create your authority. Live the lifestyle you want.

This is the end…but there is a part 2.