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If you’ve found your way over here, it means that you’ve clicked on one of our social media promos!

And that’s cool!

We’re very excited about the launch. Our hope is to help you, the hopeful entrepreneur, stand out find your place in the digital space!

But we know you’re probably excited about this giveaway so read below…

Here are the deets of the up to Get Known Gift Card giveaway!

All you have to do is go to the Get Known Podcast on iTunes pictured below.
You can literally just search: “Get Known” and it will pop up.

Write a 5 start comment.

And the more comments I get, the more the price of the Gift Card goes up.
Ex: 89 comments = 89 Amazon Gift Card.

The limit is $250 gift card! And if I get a bunch more than 250, who knows!

My goal was to give out a $100 gift card but I decided to take it to another level
just in case I get more than 100 comments. I hope you like the way a $250 gift card
sounds to you!


  1. Click the link >>You’ll be sent to the iTunes page
  2. Click “view in itunes” in the left sidebar
  3. Click “Ratings and Reviews”
  4. Click “Write a review”
  5. Write your five star comment
  6. Listen to the Podcast why dontcha! (or you could and probably should do this 1st!)
  7. Share it. The more you share, the more the value goes up!

Click here to write your 5 star comment!

givewaway pic1

Thanks for your support. I can’t wait to give out this Amazon Gift Card.

My way of giving back. Happy Holidays!

happy holidays pic

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