People will notice your consistent work.

Because the majority of people aren’t consistent with anything.
Except for maybe going to a J.O.B. every week.

That’s not the consistent work we’re talking about. We’re talking about consistent work that most people won’t do.

They are capable of doing it but won’t do it. Or simply not willing to do it.

And to be honest, they might not even realize the significance of doing consistent work. I’ve been on this kick for 30 days. Writing 750 words or more each day has brought on new life for me!

I have something to brag about. Humbly of course.
But you what I mean.

You see the gurus out there that try their very best not to say they are gurus now. Whatever.

Anyway, they do a lot of bragging.

Putting out the few things about their best selling book. Or their products that have worked wonders for so many. And I used to be against all that.

Maybe I was just a hater. A legit but low key hater of course.
I was never gonna be like that. And perhaps that’s why I didn’t get anywhere.

I didn’t want to let people know about my consistent work.

This is dumb. It’s a very bad lapse in judgement.

People actually want to hear what you do. They are fascinated by it. They ask you all the time.

It’s amazing how much I get asked this now on SnapChat. What do you do?

This is the perfect time to tell them what you do…hopefully consistently.
People want to hear that you are doing something above the norm. Anything above the norm is a win.

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And all it can be is simply consistent work. Smart work of course. You don’t want the work to be trivial.

As I’ve stated before, my writing is much more of a thing because of the amount of words I’m typing up. It would be trivial if it was just like 50 words a day.

Anyone could come up to me and say that they can do that.

But not everyone can say they can do 750 words or more. So it has to be challenging work. Something that average dude or dudette will say wow.

And if they’re just like eh?, you got some issues.

It has to be something you’re creating that rocks it like crazy.
Content that is almost impossible for the rest to do.

Something that will have that person being nothing more than a follower because they can’t do what you do.

That’s how you build an audience. Because at first, they can’t understand how you are actually able to do this every single day.

  • How do you do that?
  • When do you have the time?
  • Doesn’t that take a long time?
  • That’s a lot of work?
  • I don’t see how you’re able to manage that?

And since they can’t do what you do, they want to learn how you do what you do.

And that’s where the big bucks roll in!

But it starts with consistent work.

Valuable, smart, calculated, and super challenging work.

Not trivial or something that anyone can do.

That won’t bring you followers.
That won’t bring you any respect.
That won’t bring you an sense of authority.
And that won’t bring you any dough!

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Can you do it?

Yes you can.

Here’s a few smart tips to get you started.

  1. Find a person who is doing something similar to you. An influencer and check out their consistent work. You want to try and mimic their efforts without going to crazy. For instance, I know of several people who blow me outta the water with their writing content every day. I don’t need to compete with them. Nor should I care.They are not my target audience. I’ll say that again.They are not my target audience. They are doing just fine. I don’t have to teach them anything. I will focus on the ones who can’t do what I can do. Make sense?
  2. Now, You need to find a platform like the one I use with where you can document your progress. Someone actually asked me why not just use Word or any other word processor?Well they don’t have a tracking system. I can actually show people what I’ve done with my name on it. All my badges. It’s legit.Even more importantly, I can instantly share my progress on Twitter for that social proof. And I share it every single day.

    It validates my consistent work to the masses. It will validate yours to and it’s super simple to do.

  3. So that’s the last tip. Share your progress like crazy. Let people know what you do.
    Don’t hide it. Don’t bottle it up. This isn’t the time for you to be humble. You need to get out
    there and show people what you got!Your consistent work matters.So find a model for inspiration. Find a platform for tracking your work. And finally share your work to the masses.

Once you do these things, people will notice.

They will come a running.
They will pay attention.
They will ask how you do it.

That’s a great start to a nice lifestyle business. Try it now.

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