For so long I was the one who would start something.


Then start again with something else more exciting!


Then start with something else even more exciting!


Then start with something else, I thought, was definitely what I should be doing!?


Then start with something else that I think I should be doing??


Then start with something else that I probably should have done all along???

Each time starting from scratch.

You are looking at the action film of my life (or lack thereof). Not too exciting is it?

In fact, if you were to critique it, it would probably be the worst action film
you’ve seen in a long while.

I love movies and you couldn’t pay me to see that again. Not a chance.
Sad fact is that most of us pay for living that kind of movie all our lives.

So what makes a good action film anyway?

How about tons of action!! Duh!

You can’t go to a film promising action and not deliver.
And the worst is to have a bunch of lulls all throughout the movie.

That sucks!

You leave the theatre mad and disgusted that you spent 2 sometimes 3 hours
in a movie that went nowhere. Not to mention the money you invested as we
all know movies aren’t cheap anymore.

But this is what was happening in my life.

I deliver great movie trailers but when it came time for the actual movie, it was dud.
Time and time again I delivered duds for my audience. And like any production company
in the business of making dud films, I lost money!

Lots of it.

Didn’t make any money, just lost a whole lot it. 

Lost a whole lot of time.

And lost a whole lot of confidence.

I promised lots of action in my business ventures. Stopped every time which
represented the lulls. WE HATE THE LULLS.

People invested money and time into seeing me work my entrepreneurial magic.
But Poof! Nothing! Every time!

Needless to say, my reviews as you can imagine, were nothing to write home about.
Well I had the nice try and you’re doing well. The usual pleasantries.

But in the back of their minds, nothing but pity for me. I can just hear them saying,

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“He won’t make it!”

“He’ll never figure it out!”

“I won’t make it to the big leagues.”

And of course I wouldn’t.

My action films played like this every time I started a new venture that promised the
world. Notice the last thing or few things at the top of this article,  I started with question marks.


Because now I didn’t know if I could deliver on my promise of making this something
that my audience would want.

I felt like a b-movie actor making b-movie films.

My business projects weren’t taken seriously.

And to be honest, I didn’t give enough effort to take them seriously myself.
I now began to produce things that I didn’t believe in and wondered if I could ever
create something spectacular.

Meanwhile, people all around me were creating incredible businesses that people
loved. I was jealous. Let’s just make it plain. I admit.

I knew I could what they were doing, even better perhaps!

They were the entrepreneurs I wanted to be.

What were they doing that I wasn’t?

It wasn’t like I couldn’t do what they were doing. Cuz I knew I could.
I just wasn’t.

Something had to click. And the click came once I started to do something
that made me produce at will. More of that in future posts.

But here’s where we get to the how of this post. Are you ready?

How do you work smart at reaching the heights of your peers around you.

Let’s look at our business like an action film and what it needs to
get rave reviews from your audience.

1. Create a Buzz

One of the things you must do is share and share often what it is you’re doing.
What is your business up to exactly. There should be a destination you’re taking your audience.

It’s great to share content. In fact, the first bits of getting to know your audience is to share
content. But you must create anticipation.

Create a Content trailer much like a movie trailer. You see that trailer and say, “I gotta see that
movie!” The same should go for your next project.

Do people feel that excited to go see your next project?

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Well create that buzz that will make them respond in this way…It’s important.

2. Start Out with a Bang!

Start your business launch with reckless abandon. But only do this at the start of your launch.
You have to go all out! This example is true especially in social.

When you’re on a new platform, you have to really hustle so that people see you all the time.

It’s hard.

It takes work but it’s effective.

You then slow down to a nice maintenance rhythm. This way you still can engage with your audience while keeping your sanity. Trust me this works. Now if you’re a true extrovert and you just love to be social all the time, the maintenance thing doesn’t pertain to you as much.

But you’ll need your breaks and this proven suggestion will work for you.

3. Create Non-Stop Action

So you’re in maintenance mode but you still our all about action. You need to be posting and showing
your face all over. Create a non-stop brand attack even in this maintenance mode. Let people see
you in a new light everywhere if you can. Or at least let them see you on the power platforms.

Twitter. Yes.

FaceBook. Yes.

SnapChat. Yes.

Instagram. Yes.

YouTube. Yes.

LinkedIn. Yes.

Everything else is secondary.

Pinterest gets a close second but it’s a very powerful platform as well.

I also advocate for livestreaming on FaceBook & Periscope as your first options.

4. Produce a Wow Factor

Your action movie has to show something you haven’t seen before. It must be a scene that grabs
them so it’s like they haven’t seen or heard that before. It should make them say, “Wow!”

You don’t want to be like everyone else. And by now you should know this, but just in case,
it must be stated here. Cuz you may not know really.


You have to Wow people!

They come to see your project and you give them the same ol, same ol. Don’t waste their
time and money. They must be entertained. So put on the best show you can give them.
And only you will know what that means for you audience.

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The key word that it can’t be ever…is boring.

So make Wow your benchmark always.

5. Build Some Conflict

You know gotta mix it up sometimes. You can’t be pretty and happy and pretty and go -lucky
all the time. Everything is always positive. No. Sometimes, you have to lose.

  • Some people will get hurt. 
  • Some people won’t make it.
  • Some people won’t ever figure it out.

I was starting to feel just like that.

And you have to bring out that conflict because building a lifestyle business is not easy.
It’s not easy from the start. It gets easier but it’s definitely not from the start.

So create these emotions that are real and challenging. It’s a reality that most won’t get into
all the time. Use that conflict to serve the audience that follows you. It’s the right thing to do.

6. Create a Hero Ending

After the conflict, the hero must emerge victorious! That’s the result you want your audience
to aspire to…You want them all to be online heroes! Yes?

Serving for the good of the people!

Rescuing people from their lives of destitute!

Swooping in and saving their business from the clutches of the enemy!

The enemy most likely being their mindset. But this is what is needed.
You want to create this type of film-like structure for your business!

No lulls!

Just action!



Success will come as the rave reviews start pouring in.

And now you have the ability to create this at will with each project launch.

So go out there and create it!

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