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My New Book is Here!

Yeah…how about we make the first bit of news about my book that launched this past weekend. It’s called “Changed for Good” and it discusses the topic of permanent change.

It’s a very easily-digested, 127 page book. Available on Amazon for Kindle right now. Paperback and Hardcover to come shortly. I just have to figure out how to format the cover! :)

You’ll get practical as well as scientific solutions to make real change happen for your business and life pursuits.

I do it all with a bit of tough-love but with gentle encouragement as well. Plus you’ll get a few embarrassing stories from yours truly!

I’m kind of proud of it.

My friends are proud of me.

My wife is proud of me, which is the best. She counts the most!

And most importantly I’m getting great reviews from my beta readers. One reader saying this, “Bryan ending 2021 with a MUST READ!!!” on Facebook.

It’s brings me to a pivot…yet again. I believe this is the final pivot that of course, will evolve over time. The foundation of this book is to get you to optimize your daily work. When you do that, the floodgates open to your every possibility.

I don’t usually toot my own horn but this is pretty good for a first offering. I’ll have more coming soon. Oh yeah…this is my very 1st self-published book!

But if you’ve been struggling to be consistent, focused and failing to follow through on your goals, this is the book to pick up.

It’s an easy read with tons of gems to get you on track.

Grab the book, Change for Good now and check out the cool promo I got from a gig on Fiverr!

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