Do your standards hinder your business from growing?

Let’s discuss it shall we?

You have standards. I have standards.
We all have standards.

They can be and usually are different than others.

Well in this article, we’ll go over why your standards could be hurting the growth of your business and what you can do prevent it.

You may not understand where this is going at first but I promise, you’ll get it by the time you finish reading.

Apply what you read in this article and you’ll have instant focus on your business for the long-term.

So with that said,

Here are my notes…

Some place a priority on the house they live in.

Others in the cars they drive.

You could have a standard of eating.

A standard of education.

A standard of well whatever.

Some can get by eating off brand foods.

I do that sometimes but when it comes to ketchup, there is only one.


I don’t touch anything else.
Don’t give me your homemade ketchup cuz it’s not better than Heinz.

It’s Heinz or bust.

You may be one who only drives European cars.

No American cars for you.

These are standards that you either have grown up with or developed over time.

And these standards are certainly fine unless…

They are hurting the growth of your business. So are they?

Are your current standards hurting the launch of your business or its sustained growth?

Let’s talk about mine for bit. Give you an idea of how this works.

I have this standard for my online site to be a certain quality in design. It doesn’t have to be over the top.

But I want it to look good.

So what do I do?

I search for days to find the right WordPress theme for the type of site I want.

And I mean for days. It’s a love-hate process.


Because there simply is no theme out there that is quite right for me. I would have to physically create it myself or hire the top web developer in the world to get it right.

So that sucks!

I feel trapped in this thing now. I have one person in Jon Morrow, that I totally trust to a point.

He says to basically have a simple site and make the content the focus. Among other things of course as I’m paraphrasing here.

But I have this standard thing going on.

I know that a certain level of design goes a long way in your first impression. Visitors must see something a little decent, yes?

I want to wow them with content but how can I when my site looks plain and uninviting.

I’m still trying to fix the one you see here. It’s not quite right. But I’m trying to make it just a little more welcoming each week.

A website that we both can be proud of!

That’s my mindset. A standard that was robbing me of precious time and revenue.

And it’s something I see everyday with people making these beautiful sites. They’re very colorful. They have all the latest premium plugins. 

BUT no traffic to show for it!

An established influencer can get away with having a plain ol’ site but I’m not so sure that’s the path for me, right?

So this is my standard that I must bear. A standard you probably bear too.

The only problem is that I’m not a designer. You’re probably not. If you are, then this part of the article doesn’t pertain to you.

But if you’re not a designer, you can’t just spruce up my site whenever you want. Thus, the dilemma.

It’s a problem that pops up for most potential entrepreneurs. The dreaded site design.

How much is too much?

Then really, what is most important?

Content should be KING.


Your content may not get read if your design is working against you.

I have to get a WordPress theme that is just good enough, without it driving me crazy trying to navigate and customize it.

And last I checked, it’s never been easy to do it myself. So this is where my standard is hurting my business?

Because all this time is being spent on something that isn’t generating revenue for my so-called business.

It’s just generating more wasted time.

I can make do with a simple site and when the time is right, grab a designer to put on staff. That person will keep my site pretty.

That should be the solution for me. Something I should stick to right?

I’m sure you agree. But it’s been a hard pill to swallow. And as of this writing, I’m still torn about which way to go.

But I have to reiterate the fact of timing.

When the time is right…

It will be more to your liking.

I will be up to code.

I will be more to your standards.

It just may not be and should not be quite what you want, starting out. Unless you have bundles of cash to spend. Even then you have to believe that design isn’t everything. It’s not the most important part.

I know I may get challenged with this but there are several examples out there that will confirm my theory.

I already mentioned Jon Morrow. 

He’s the founder at SmartBlogger.

His site won’t wow you with colorful design.

It won’t make you say Ooooh or Aaaahhh.

It won’t have cool animation or cute logo characters.


But the

The WOW is in The Content!

And his traffic will suggest that design is not a priority nor should it be.

His loyal audience will suggest that design is not a priority nor should it be.

His revenue emanating from this plain site suggests that design is not a priority nor will it ever be!

I could go with other sites that make you scratch your head of why so many people visit them but my rant ends here.

So the best thing to do is prioritize the content. Google still loves the written word.

Google can’t crawl great design.

It can only crawl great text. Just understand that the words rule for now. It may change but for now, your words matter the most.

My traffic at this site is driven only by my content. Google likes it. I hope you do too.

Design is great but your written content is everything.

Now…this is where a second solution is brought up as a compromise for my stubbornness and maybe yours too.

Keep your standards but do it fast.

If you must have the pretty site.

You must have the gorgeous popup.

You have to have that precious sidebar.

You need that amazing logo that just rocks your world.
(And trust me, that logo is really just about you.)


Get it over with. Don’t spend two weeks, a week or even more than two days.

Make a decision today!

Just work on that thing for a full day, till it’s done.

At the end of the day, what you come up with is what you’ll stick with till you’re able to change it later.

Cuz you can always go back and change things.

I’m reminded that Chris Brogan has a new design of his site every year. His site is so cool! Gosh!

And that’s where you get stuck. You look at someone else’s site (your online hero), and think your site needs to be that cool, to make some serious cash!

Just stick with what you come up with for that day, so you can move on!

Make sense?

Keep your standards but be quick about it. If you can get it done in a day, God bless ya!
If not, just live with what you have.

I know it’s important to you. It’s important for me too.

But it’s more important to start building your business. Don’t get hung up on the little things, no matter how much you feel you need them.

This way your business can do the one thing you want it to do.


And I know I’ve talked mostly about design in this article.

But this doesn’t just pertain to design.

What about those precious online tools you feel you just gotta to have?

Well what are those precious tools costing you?

I’m gonna throw out some names of the populars (great tools, may not be great for you)


Hands down the most popular and most visible platform for building landing pages. That will run you at minimum, $37/mth or $297/yr.

That’s not cheap.

But since everyone else is using it, you should too?


A beautiful, and simple payment processing gateway. It’s awesome. It really it is. But that’s gonna run you, after the 14 day trial, $99/mth or $199 for the premium option.

Whoa, do you have the kind of dough, at first?


It’s probably the most popular sales funnel platform out there now. It’s created by a killer online marketer in Russel Brunson. He flat out knows what he’s doing. You can’t go wrong, right?

Well that’s gonna cost you, after the 14 day trial, $97/mth or $297 for the quote, unquote better one.

Do you have that kind of cash, in the very beginning?

They are great companies.

They are great tools.

They will do wonders to help you generate revenue.

Guess what???

They all have alternatives.

Do your research when it comes to cost. Now you’re probably going to ask me, Bryan, what are the alternatives?

We’ll get to those in a future post. Sorry…I promise it will be very soon.

Just know that there are alternatives.

Google the name of the tool and then alternatives.

Ex: LeadPages alternatives or Alternatives to LeadPages.

You will get some decent results.

So make sure you do your research and get something that is cost effective for you. It’s so important to the initial growth of your business. 

Now again, if you just have to have one of the populars, make sure you don’t spend as much with the other tools you need to grow your business.

There must balance!

The worse thing though is not to be overly stubborn and do what I’ve been doing. Wasting a week on finding the best WordPress theme is not a great way to spend your time. True story.

I tend to get a bit carried away cuz I’m a researcher and I love the the process. But I also have to remember that there is a time to stop the research too.

There must be an end to the madness.


Written content is still King. Although video content is way on the rise.

Don’t go a week trying to make that one thing work on your site.

Don’t go overboard with your precious online tools that cost more than you can afford, at first.

And that’s it.

Stop your madness if your standards are costing the growth of your business.

You can’t afford that.

Move on and let your standards take over, when the time is right.