What is the best way to make a first impression?

That’s what this article will attempt to provide you with… a true answer so you won’t
fail in your next networking event. ¬†And there’s nothing worse than falling flat on your face
at these events.

Networking is required to succeed online or otherwise. But you only get one shot as Eminem
so eloquently states!

But that first impression is the thing that will make or break you from the start. So how do you
make this first impression a lasting one?

I’m torn to see what this might be.

I’m thinking that I need some cool business cards. Some nice swag.
Maybe some nice stuff on my site.

Sounds good huh?

But is that going to make a good first impression?

Business cards that most people just throw away?

A website that some will go to but won’t do much on it?

Especially if you’re not the speaker of the event.

Don’t get me wrong though. I’m not saying don’t have a site. I’m saying, do you have to go overboard on it.

Is that going to make a good first impression?

Nice swag?

Well we know that’s not going to do anything. It looks nice but that will soon fade away.
I know but good partner, Roscoe made quite an impression by creating a t-shirt with the
logo of the event spray painted on it.

Now that was cool. And I kind of hinted on him to do something like that. He surprised everyone and made a good and I’d say a lasting¬†impression for sure. That might be the only exception though.

So how do you make a good first and lasting impression?

Say you’re networking at a future event…How do you stand out?

Your business cards won’t do it.

Your t-shirts unless that’s your business won’t do it.

Your website, at least not at first won’t make a dent in creating a lasting impression.

So then what?

A good first impression ultimately comes from you.

Just think what would impress you?

What if someone came up to you and stated that they wanted to feature you in their show or podcast. Even a blog post.

And not only that…they give you premium ad space in their shows and blog posts?!

How would you feel if you were pampered in this way.

That’s a lasting impression. It’s where you’re doing something for someone else in a big way.

Giving them a business card, isn’t gonna do it!

Who cares about a business card especially in these days and times.

I know I marveled over someone who gave me an aluminum business card. But who knows where that card is now. And I don’t even remember who gave it to me.

So perhaps an initial cool impression but not lasting.

How bout if someone wanted to do some video interviews with you? And you were the featured guest again with ad space that would last a lifetime.

This is the kinda stuff that makes a difference.

Makes a great first impression.

And actually a lasting impression.

An impression that person won’t soon forget.

Next time you meet them, they’ll say “I know you!”


“I remember you!”

It’s a big deal that makes a lot of sense.

It shows that you are selfless from the beginning.

It shows that you care more about their needs than your own.

It shows that you can be of value to someone that could generate leads and revenue for them.

Are you getting the point now?

You have to be ready at all times to make that lasting impression. It’s not about you though.

You may have been going about this thing all wrong, my friend.

You’re doing all this stuff for others to give to you. Pushing a business card at people who clearly don’t want it. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong!

It should always be the other way around. Give and you shall receive.

Give first.

Just say this to yourself.

Give first.

The way to make a lasting impression, is to give first.

And the more you give, the greater that impression will create for you.

It just makes sense right?

It’s the reciprocal effect of giving so much that they can’t help but give back to you.

They actually feel obligated to help you in turn.

So crazy that I almost got this backwards again until I started writing this today. I know lot of people get this wrong.

It’s usually, “come and see what I got?!”

I get this a lot on Snapchat. They just post what they got without me even knowing who they are or knowing if I even want that.

People will look at you like you’re all about yourself. Me, me, me.

That’s not making a good 1st impression.

People don’t like being sold to especially if you’re right in their face.

That’s ridiculous!

The way to go is create something great for your peers just like you would with your audience. Your potential customers.

It’s sorta like an in person lead magnet.

You do this online with a certain incentive. So what will yours be?

Let your peers subscribe to you. Create something undeniable that gets them onboard with what you’re all about.

So start thinking about your in-person lead magnet. It may be a bit tricky. But once you have it, you’ll see the effects of it’s awesome power!

The examples above are a great start. Try something like this or some kind of angle to it.

Now, if there is anything easy for someone to get onboard with you going forward is to get them on your social platforms.

The first thing that comes to mind is a FaceBook group. Easy to subscribe to without feeling that they have to subscribe with their emails.

Another way is to ask for a follow on SnapChat. Very cool way to communicate without selling anything.

So let’s get it straight. What’s better?

To try and sell someone one-on-one upon first greet.

Not cool.

To say how can I help you in your pursuits of building your business upon first greet.

You tell me what’s better. Shouldn’t even be close.

It’s not about a cool site, biz cards, swag or anything else.

It’s all about creating something great for that influencer.

That’s how you make a great first and lasting impression.
See to it that you do from now on!