The One True Way to Developing the Business Mindset

Developing the Business Mindset

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  1. However, customer insights alone do not lead to innovation. It is hard to create something truly new by asking customers their opinions about a future that does not exist yet. No customer would ever have asked Apple to create the iPod, even though it turned out they wanted it. Research results can not predict what is going to be successful. This is why it is the innovator’s job to proactively invent the future on customers’ behalf.

    1. I’m not exactly sure how relevant this is to the article. However, I believe, in part, your reasoning. There is an understanding that technology will take a customer to place where they haven’t seen or quite frankly asked for. So innovation in an of itself is the creator. And as you’ve stated, the job of the innovator is to bring this to light. Agreed.

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