Hard work never takes as long as you imagine it will.

Here I am now in a rush and think I have to get all this stuff done today, and on a Thursday no doubt!

So how long will it take?

It feels like it will take forever.

There’s no way I can finish all of it, in this short amount of time.

No way will it be quality.

No way will it make enough impact.

No way will I be able to do it all myself.

There’s just no way right?

Well there is if I stop complaining about it first of all.
I’m just wasting valuable time every time I gripe about it.

Just start and see what happens.

Nines times outta ten it never takes as long as you think.

This goes along the same lines as it’s never quite as hard as you thought.

Managing time is all about how you work it!

If you stop and focus only on the task at hand, it cuts out a ton of things for sure.

Ever been on a deadline?

Ever have to rush to get to the airport?

Ever have to do a whole bunch of things for your kids all on the same day?

Ever have to make a presentation at the last minute?

In my case, it might be that I have to sing on the fly. Be a guest on a livestream on the spot.
Help someone with a business question in the moment.

You just have to get up there and do it.

It happens…a lot.

It’s crazy how we’re able to do it with other parts of our life but not when it comes to things that really count.

Like our business perhaps.

Our health.

Our habits.

You picked the next one you’re neglecting.

It’s really crazy how you put some things on such a high pedestal that they can hardly be reached. This not the case in other things.

Why would it be the case with things that will truly change your life? It is something you have to get past.

Let’s make a game of it.

Do this hard to finish task and see how much time it takes to complete it.
Just work on that timing every day.

Be truly focused, shutting down the TV, social media and all the other distractions.

Now figure out how long can it take?

Make like an track athlete and track that time. Every time you run that clock you want to be faster to get to the gold. That’s the game. A little crude but it’s important.

Because if you approach it in this manner, your mind shifts.

Now you’re more concerned about how fast you can do the task when previously you were only thinking about how long it will take.

It’s an amazing shift indeed.

You can’t help but to do things faster every time, if that’s your true focus.

I marvel some times when I see my creative friends who can just take a task and quickly figure it out right then and there.

They’re not worried about the time.

They don’t take any time outs.

They find a task and proceed at that very moment to start to craft it all out.

It’s fascinating to me.

My approach is usually to think about the process way too much.

I thought about the process of writing today way too much. I came to the conclusion that writing at this moment would take too long.

Well says who?

Says me apparently but I went ahead and did it.

And right now, as I’m writing this post, I can clearly see the error in my thinking pattern. Sometimes we just have to stop thinking and start doing. Think on the go but just proceed with the task at hand.

Will there be mistakes. Yep!

Will you be on your way though. Yep!

Will you be able to improve later. Yep!

So whatcha waiting for?

The very thought, that you’re saying you can’t do something, should alarm you.

Saying that you can’t do something should offend to be quite honest.

Who says you can’t do it?

Apparently only you!

Stop being that guy or that gurl.

You’re better than that. You’re imagination will kill you otherwise. A simple task can be blown up into an overwhelming mountain if you let it.

So come back down to earth.

Instead of letting your imagination run wild. Because that’s all an imagination can do. Your imagination was only meant to get bigger and crazier.

To combat that, just start doing the task and let your thoughts direct you in the moment. Not before.

Your thoughts will help you as you go.
It will help you improve.
It will help you grow.

But be very clear on these steps.

The hard work should only be measured afterwards. Not before.

Measuring your hard work before will never get the job done.
Or if and when it gets done, the job will take forever to accomplish it.

That’s when the hard work becomes a crutch and not something that should be a minute thing to handle.

Hard work is a given but it never takes as long as you think.

So don’t think about it. Just be about it.

Then the hard work will be just another cool game to play and conquer!

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