Still wondering if this will all happen for you. Will this be another big mistake or have I gone through enough now to know what it takes to succeed?

I’m still not perfect. Nobody is but I still seem to be making some of the same mistakes I’ve always made.

So do I have what it takes?

Quite frankly, as I’ve been recently binging on the Eofire podcast again, I see that I’m not alone in my weaknesses.

I’m not the only one not up to par in some of the things I’m not doing. I have to realize that I’m not alone and that it’s ok.

You’re gonna screw up.

You’re gonna make mistakes.

It’s gonna take time.

It’s not gonna be perfect.

Change won’t happen in a day.

I feel like I could push a button and I’ll change into this automated work machine. It’s not that simple though. Years of bad habits can be hard to change so quickly. Just have to work on it till it sticks.

No more bouncing around from one thing to the next.

Have to stay focused at the task at hand because there are people counting on you. They’re rootin’ you on man!

They believe in you so you have to believe in yourself!

It’s gonna happen. Just gotta believe it!

It’s just probably not gonna all happen in a month or two.

It will happen faster if you just do things quicker though. You gotta get it out there and do it at a much faster pace.

How many examples have you had where you’re on a tight schedule and you just do what you can to get it done.

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Stop being a perfectionist at first!

Perhaps that’s the key.

You want things to be just right in the beginning when that’s never been a reality before. Why are you still thinking that it will be?

Just get the fricking thing out there cuz the people are waiting for it. Then you can gradually perfect it! Duh!

Stop thinking about the USP and how it should be designed. That’s nonsense right now.

The most important thing is the content. Period!

But you know this!

You study this!

You teach this!

So it should be something you adhere to yourself.

You’re not there yet where you can make things super pretty.
Could you go through the hassle? Yes.

But that’s more time than you can handle right now.

When you get to that level then we can talk.

But for now, let’s just get that content out there so people can consume it. If anything, you can say it’s a rough design. Apologize if anything but I’m sure they won’t care.

The design of this current blog is basic at best. It was actually a lot worse just a month ago. Really bad to be honest. But the content was top notch. At least that’s my opinion!

Use what you have to give them what they need.

Things can always be improved.

Things can always be enhanced.

Things can always be done better.

But for right now.

As far as you trying to make it the bestest thing ever on the internet…

Nobody got time for that!

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In fact, nobody asked for that.

The requests simply asked for a list of what you shared.

Maybe on a blog.

Archived somewhere.

No one asked for it to be tied up in a nice pretty bow.

So why are you trying to go that extra mile. Nobody asked you too.
Just go with the voice of the people and give them what they want.

The basic content is king. That pure content is all they really seek.

Just think about if your ideal customer was sitting in front of you at the table. You don’t need any fancy slides or elegant fonts. You just need to talk to this person and give him value. That’s all that’s needed.

Then after you’ve done that, ask for feedback on that content.

Once you get that feedback, change things from there.

Your willingness to make it more complicated than it should be is costing you time and the growth of your business.

Let’s go it the smart way.

That’s what you teach.

It’s not hard. You’re making it hard by butting in on your audience’s request. Nobody asked you to do that either.

So stopping butting in all the time. That’s where you get in trouble.

All these grandiose additions to the initial request is just overwhelming you to no end. When your audience is asking for a solution, give it to them.  Doesn’t have to be nice in the beginning. You can dress it up much nicer later.

Don’t let weeks go by with nothing getting done. You’re trying to make it nice and by that most of the people have given up on you.

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People are going to get tired of you saying I’ll have this ready for you very soon. They will start to not believe you.

And that’s definitely not what you want.

In fact, if you have them wait so long, they might be expecting something even bigger and more spectacular!

And if they have those expectations, you’re doomed!

Cuz you’ll come out with this little product, although very nicely wrapped but they’ll be disappointed.

So start with what matters most.

Which is the content.

Because the content is what will carry your business.

More on content later. But just know that you have to share your content early, often and consistently!

Do it now!

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