Starting over is a humbling experience.

But isn’t that the way we should feel often, if not all the time?

I mean honestly. I think it’s that humble pie that we all need to eat. Just every now and then.

So we start again. It happens.

Happens to the best of us. Not something we want to do but we have to do it.
It’s a responsibility we all have to go through.

We have to pay the bills!
Maybe you have to go back to work.
Perhaps your entrepreneurial pursuits didn’t quite pull in the revenue you expected.

So you have to go back to work.

It’s happened to me a lot. It’s happening to me now. It’s a tough pill to swallow but I have to pay the bills. My sons are still in college. They need their expenses paid.

It’s not pretty. It’s just necessary.

And actually, there are some expenses as far as my business that I just can’t afford on my then part-time job.

It happens.

So a full-time job is something I need right now. The hope is that it will get me over the hump.

It has to right?

Until I can get back to some real revenue, that’s what has to happen.

So you start over.

You head over to your new job and find a way to muster up all this excitement over getting this new position.

Something you know you don’t really want. But you fake it. Fake it till you can get enough money to pay for your business and other expenses…so you can get the flock outta there!

Fake all of the excitement.

“Hey Bryan…how was your first day?”

“Great”, Bryan responds.

And to be honest. The job is never that bad.
It’s just that you know you could be doing so much more if you had those 8 hours back.

But you’re not ready yet.

And that’s ok.

You’ll be ready soon enough.

The wheels are in motion right?

You know what needs to be done to get you to that next level.
You know what it takes to get you out of the J.O.B. now.

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Get to it and use this as fuel.

Starting over sucks.

We all know it.

Reminds of that school essay or ebook that you’ve written several pages of that you
unwittingly forgot to save…then poof! Gone!

You’re irate!

You can’t believe it!

How could this be?

You feel like breaking the keyboard.

But then, after all that.

What do you do?

Well…what can you do but start over.

Starting over is just the name of the game. Even highly successful business people start over.

It’s a way of life.

Don’t feel bad. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

It’s a way to get your personal finances on a certain level.
It’s even a way to get your business finances in order.

You need that foundation.

Let’s be real here.

You need some money to build your business.
It may not be what you’ve envisioned but you have to suck it up or you’re doomed.

Funny thing is that I thought I was the only one going through this thing.
Maybe cuz I follow all my more successful than me friends on social media and
feel left out.

Thank God for that Entrepreneur on Fire podcast. I hear their stories and think
I’m not doing so bad! They’ve gone through the same struggles and gotten through
to the other side.

It’s just a process. You just have to go through it.

Now can you do it without lots of money to invest, yes?

It just depends on what you’re building. And if you’re starting from scratch,
you need some scratch to build the business you want.

It just makes sense.

So anyone who gets on you for starting over, screw them!

Yep, I said screw them!

They aren’t living your life.
They will never live your life.
They can’t live your life.

Only you can.

So if you have to start over, then that’s your path.

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Your path is your path.

It’s humbling but necessary.
It’s a longer way but necessary.
It’s more long nights building your business but necessary.

So do what’s necessary.

It’s necessary for you first and your loved ones but really no one else at the moment.
Your story will be incredible to share later. Or maybe as you’re going through it, even better.

And you can learn from this experience. You’ll learn a lot.

You’ll have a chance to see some great workers at this J.O.B. Don’t knock it too much.

You’ll put yourself into a position where you can have the fire lit even greater than before.
And to be frank, you probably need that!

And what a story to tell. I’m sure you have lots of stories already but this one.
How you had to go back to work again. This one is special.

Even when you knew that you had to keys to success.
You still had to go back one more time.

Back to that blasted, time sucking thing we call a job!

But guess what.

It was necessary.

So don’t feel bad about it.
Don’t feel upset about it.
Don’t feel ashamed of it.

Most people will probably be happy that you have a job right?

I know my mom is quite pleased.

Don’t get me wrong. My mom knows I have the heart of a true entrepreneur.
I got it from my father. Now it’s rubbing off on my son.

He doesn’t want to finish school now and it’s driving me crazy but that’s a whole
other story for another day. Oh boy…my son!!


Some wise instruction…

Don’t treat this job poorly.

It’s not their fault that your dreams are fulfilled right now.
Do your job and finish your mission to get your business on the right track.

Because starting over is simply this.

It’s a way to improve your business and your life for the better.

So get ta working and get outta there fast!

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Now if you’ve read this and you’re not quite sure you want to take my word for it…
Here are a few other articles with some words that just might convince you more than I!

(pssst…they agree with me)

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  • She points out the benefits of starting over. In fact she states it’s great to start over multiples times cuz you get to rebrand and reinvent yourself. You get to increase your value and your story and you become closer to your true identity. It’s a great read. I encourage you to check it out.
  • Jonathan goes into great detail how his day job helped him fund his business. He explains that your job doesn’t have to be a cage for you. He goes on to say how his mindset had to change to get past all the frustrations that with a job and how you make that transition. Powerful stuff!

Sam Ovens-How I’d Start Over And Rebuild My Business From Scratch

  • Sam breaks down the rules of rebuilding your business from scratch. Guess what one of those rules are? Yep. Getting a job. Although he says to get a job in the evenings which very smart. Now why didn’t I think of that? Any. It’s another great read that comes with a video too. Enjoy and learn.


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