How to Correctly Manage your Weekend Work if You have a 9 to 5 Job

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The weekend is the time to really get some things done in your business.

You have the entire weekend to buckle down and crank out some quality content right?

How bout wrong?
How bout when you have so many other things scheduled or unplanned that it’s almost impossible to do.

The family needs you. You have to shop and spend time with them.

All the family stuff should take priority. It must take priority.
This is what you’re doing it for in the first place right?

How do you balance it out?

Do you wake up early before all your activities start? If you do, you’re gonna be mad tired when it’s time to spend that quality time with the fam.

Do you crank out some things at night maybe? That’s a thought. Spend time with the fam then crank out some work at night.

In my case, the wifey is always asking for that nightcap time after the day’s activities. So it’s hard even then.

But what if you told your significant other that you have these times blocked off for work at this time.

Make it something that makes sense for everyone.

Instead of just going off in your little corner and saying, “I got work to do.” How about actually asking if this is ok this weekend because…blah, blah, blah.

They just don’t understand why you have to work on the weekends. They may not get it. You have to explain to them why you have to do this task to make sure that you’re prepared for the coming week.

Or whatever the case may be. Make sure they are aware of why you’re doing this in the first place. Then get a consensus of when it’s ok to work.

It has to be a family plan.

It should never be something that you force on your family. They never asked for that. I’m sure they appreciate the hustle but they’ll also appreciate the heads up. In fact they deserve it.

I know in my case, I’m sometimes the only one who knows that I have to now break off and do some work.

No warning.
No heads up.
No indication whatsoever.

“Just…I gotta go downstairs now and work!”

That’s not a good look.

The very thing you’re trying to do to support and keep the family together is actually doing the opposite. Isolating yourself in your little corner doing work is not the answer.

You have to also be cognizant of your schedule every part of the month.

What do you have going on each weekend?

What is the realistic expectation of getting some real work done on the weekends?

Are you doing too much on the weekends from the start?

Do you schedule too much and fail every weekend to get things done?

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that there is gonna be some work done if you clearly have too much going on.

You have to schedule out this time for work on the weekends.

Now I’m assuming this work is something that you’re trying to get to for your side hustle.

Maybe you’re working on a book.
You want to write a bunch of articles all at once.
Want to do a redesign of your site.

It could be anything but you definitely need this extra time.

Why not just schedule it with the approval of the family and get it done every weekend till it’s done.

Make this your weekend project plan.

That’s what we’ll call it.

This is your special time to work on the project that has been holding back for awhile.

So let’s work this out…

Weekend Project Plan

1) Allocate 4 hours of focused work

Perhaps you take 4 hours on the weekend that you have scheduled ahead of time.  Find the best time to       do this every week. Whether it’s in the morning early or late in the evening when everyone is busy               watching TV. Just find that window and stick with it.

Here’s an example:

2 hours on Saturday mid evening.
2 hours on Sunday mid afternoon.

Very simple and very doable. There should be no reason this can’t be done every weekend. So get these 4 hours into your weekend and this will be the building blocks for your weekend project plan. Of course later, you can add a few more hours to the mix.

But for now, just work with this and see how you do.

2) Plan out your tasks ahead of time

Plan what you’ll do specifically during those four hours before you jump into it. This is very important. You don’t want to be guessing what you’re going to do during those two hours. This is focused time. So map out the steps to getting to your goal with each weekend.

So you may have a main goal at the end of the month that is divided up into each weekend. So give yourself realistic goals that you know you can finish. But don’t make it too simple that it’s not challenging for you. You want great results so put together tasks that will do just that.

3) Improve and Increase

Bear down on getting these basic tasks done first. And then rinse and repeat. But…going forward, you can push those 4 hours to maybe 5 or 6 hours.

You can also work on your speed and how focused you can be with each task. So try and improve each time you get to work on your weekend project plan.

And that’s it!

Being consistent is the key however. You can’t get to your goals by skipping a weekend. Or by skipping a day or an hour or two.

4 hours is totally doable.

And with your family behind you, it’s a cool thing to get everyone involved in helping you complete your goal.

How cool is it to have your family rootin’ you on in your journey?

It makes everything you’re doing even more worthwhile. And it’s more fulfilling to know that they get it! The opposite where you just have to work and no one knows why is never what you want

So get on this ‘Weekend Project Plan’ now and get the best results possible for your side hustle.

It will be more than worth it for you and the fam!

Bryan S Arnold
Bryan S Arnold writes low rah-rah, on your level stuff that helps you make better decisions in your personal and business life. He's the host of The Get Known Podcast & Author of upcoming book, "The Power of Streaks". When he's not writing, he's singing or binging a bit on Netflix!

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