How to get Time on Your Side and Keep Your Business Moving Forward

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Is time on your side when it comes to moving your business forward?

This is a big question to answer for so many people launching and striving to move your business in the right direction.

Two words.


If you don’t have it, you’re sunk. Period.

Because time waits for no man. I’m full of the quotes today right?

But it’s true. You get in this cycle where you don’t know where the time went all of a sudden. It’s baffling at times.

You try your best to put things on your schedule. You put in some great order. You make sure you have time to do it all. But something always comes up.

You have to shift things around and maybe that’s the problem. The adjustment period where things change  is not in your favor. You can’t seem to get things just right.

And before you know it…the day’s over.

You give up and turn on the tube cuz your brain is fried. Or you have to stop to give your loved ones the time they deserve.

It just sucks doesn’t it?

This is a very personal one for me cuz I never seem to get the timing just right. It seems to evade me so…why?

Perhaps there’s just too many things on a given day that makes it impossible to accomplish what you have on your list.

And it’s sad really.

Cuz you have high expectations of doing two to three things in your business each day. Never works out quite like you hope though.

How about just starting with that one thing.

Start a streak of that one thing. Then go from there. Each day…make it about finishing that one single task

Funny that i have an app called one big thing. I hardly use it now. Because underneath that one big thing in the app, they have options to put in a few more things.

So I’m not really focused on that one big thing. I’m focused on those few big things and nothing really gets accomplished. Not cool.

I’m not happy about it.

Your not happy about it.

Your business is not happy about it.

So your streak ends in spurts. You have your good days and bad.
But what if you can start a streak of finishing that one big thing each day. Accomplish that one task each day. The cumulative effect, as you know, is massive.

Just one thing a day.

That means you have that one or two hours just working on that one thing. Not worrying about the other things you have to do.

Cuz you know there’s always other things to do.

But if you finish that one thing a day, your business is actually going forward. Every day, it’s going in the direction you want it to go.

Instead of having to do the start and stop thing. That’s a sure way of having your business go forward one day then backwards the next.

You don’t want that nor do you want to admit that!

But it happens every time you do something one day then nothing the next. It’s not the ideal way to run a business.

So I used the app wrong. I admit it. The developer should’t have put those extra things on the bottom.

That’s where I went astray. And that’s where a lot of us go astray.
Trying to put too much on our plate at once.

You can never really measure how long something will take. You can guess and have a good idea.

But it’s never exact.

So when you put 3 to 5 tasks on your agenda for the day, you’re asking for it!

Now when you get rolling, maybe you bump up to two and three tasks a day. That’s the recommended dosage most successful entrepreneurs go by.

But I wouldn’t start that way.

If you’re launching a lifestyle business, you still have a job, kids, a spouse, you are hard pressed to have additional time.

It’s just the way it works. You may have two or maybe just one hour to get something accomplished.

No way will you be able to get those 3 to 5 tasks done. You’re kidding yourself if you ever think that.

Keep it smart.

Just try one task at a time.

Less stress.

Always doable.

Pushing forward.

And easily scheduled.

Just one thing each day.

How simple is that?

Stay simple. Stay smart. Work smart and push forward.

That’s how you get time back on your side for your business!

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