How to Start when You don’t know how

How do people start from scratch?

How do people stay motivated when they see it’s going to take a long time to get where they want to be?

How do people get the mindset to start, already knowing they will make it someday?

How do you start when you don’t have a clue where or how to begin?

It’s the one thing that ends so many paths of greatness.

The Start.

We will discuss that here, and not without some irony. It’s something that has plagued me for countless years.

Honestly, if you think you’ve had trouble starting anything…I bet you anything I got you beat!


There is something that finally clicked.

I could hardly believe it myself. It’s not new.

It’s quite conventional in nature. I just never got it. I’m quite certain that most people never get it.

Years will go by and you’ll never get it.

It’s one of the reasons this blog stalled on and off and on again.

It’s the simple fact that I didn’t know how to master the start. That’s all it is. That’s all it ever was.

That’s what this article will teach you. HOW TO START.

Let’s jump right in.

Now, this is really off the top but goes well with what I’m going to teach here. Let’s go.

The Start must be Fluid

The start is not a one-time action. It’s not a one-day thing.  It’s not something with an end.

Yes, there is a beginning. That’s common sense.

But the start requires motion; continuous motion that picks up speed over time. Much like you see with an engine, that requires tremedous power in order just to start…and not stop.

I’m not a mechanic but I’m sure you understand.

Much like a runner, you have to get off to a running start. Or else the start means nothing and it will be short-lived.

And much like this blog and other blogs I’ve started, I’ve never had a great running start. There was a beginning but there was no plan of continuous motion to keep it going.

Your start must have a foundation to keep it fluid. To keep from being a start that will stop in a month or two, you have to create a start that will be grandiose.

You know, start with a bang! Just that this one is one long, continuous, every increasing bang. This is a mandatory step.

Solution: Set up a calendar to perform a daily action from the start. Make this action last for 365 days. That’s it. More to come on this later.

The Start must have a What

You can also say the start must have a purpose. But I’m going to just say a What because that’s where the question starts.

What are you doing?

I hear so many people stress The Why, which may speak more to purpose, but everything starts with What.

What are you doing?

What are you trying to do?

What is the purpose of this action?

A lot of times I see people talk about how they want to live a better life and get out of debt, and just be happy. This is all good.

However, you must connect it to a What.

What are you going to do to make this happen?

I highly suggest before you buy another thing online, promising you the world, you get this taken care of first.

Don’t buy another high-priced-but-discounted-for-you item until you know what you’re doing!

You have to know what you’re doing first.

Solution: Use your most creative side. Discover what that is and use that above all else. This creative side will enable you to perform the task daily with less likelihood of failure.

The Start must be Imperfect

This one crushes me all the time with my perfectionist self! Stop being cute and just put it out there, mistakes and all.

Laugh at yourself when you mess up and keep it going. Mistakes are inevitable. You know it. I know it.

You just have to go with it. It’s a big part of the start. It’s a big reason most people won’t start. Being afraid to make mistakes will destroy a good start any day.

Case in point: I’m going to publish this article and it will have a ton of mistakes because I haven’t published one in a while.


Trying to make it too cute with all the fancy designs and formatting. I want it to be so dang perfect that I end up not making the start fluid.

It’s always an end-all be-all situation with me. I don’t want that for you. I don’t expect that of myself anymore. I’ve learned. Now it’s your turn to learn it too.

Start imperfectly so that you can improve over time. This article will be a mess at first. But it will get tidied up and look more presentable in due time.

But it won’t hinder my start ever again. Don’t let it hinder yours.

Solution: Make mistakes a necessary part of your starting process.

The Start must have Intent

Lastly, for now.

You must have some deeper meaning to what you’re doing. Again, this not talking about the Why?

Do that on your own time.

We get that you’re trying to do it for yourself, your spouse, your kids, your friends, your church, your community…did I get them all?

We get all of that.

You must have intent in order for you to even get to that point of helping all the ones you want to help.

Here’s intent in a nutshell.

You want this creative thing you’re performing daily to always have a strategy in mind.

For instance, I’m writing this blog but why?

Is it to help you. Of course.

But do I eventually want you to invest in other ways besides reading this incredible article? Double of course.

There’s a strategy, a funnel, an angle, a tactic. A catch…but a good one!

It’s a genuine relationship I want to build with you. If you trust me, I will trust you. You invest in me, I will invest in you.

I want to have that type of give and take bond with you from the start. So have clarity in what your end game is going to be.

You want this amazing thing you’re starting to be marketable when it’s all said and done.

That’s what I teach.

That’s what I want to show you.

These are the steps of Mastering the Start…at least for now.

I’ll publish this now with all my mistakes and that’s okay.

It’s a start.

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