Let Freedom Ring in Your Business, in Your Own Way Starting on MLK Day

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This is a bonus article to mark the greatness of MLK Day. The meaning behind it is to let freedom be a right for everyone and that all should be treated equally.

That’s in my own words but obviously, there is so much more behind the significance of Martin Luther King.

I normally don’t do this but I am posting, on the same day, something from my daily writings to celebrate this occasion. It’s about being free to do what’s best for you and your business.

I don’t want to spoil it so without further ado,

Here are my notes…

The struggle to stay on track can be tough.

It’s a very tough thing to do. Here I am on Martin Luther King Day trying to spend time with my wife.

We are watching TV.

It’s the time of transition to Donald Trump as president. And I’m kinda of sad about this being the end of Barack Obama presidency.  And I seldom talk about politics too, so this also may be a first. Let’s not speak of politics ever again here…but I digress.

I’m not very motivated today.

But I felt like I could get a lot done today. And maybe since I thought my wife was going to be out today, I thought I’d have that all important me time.

Unfortunately, she didn’t get to go out today. And I just felt obligated to be with her. I don’t know if you understand that or not. I mean, we don’t get a lot of time together as it is.

We both go to work. I come home and get started on my side hustle. So I usually spend most of the night doing that. And when I come up, my wife is knocked out sleep.

And that’s not what I want from our relationship. I want the freedom just like everyone else. But I don’t want to do it at the expense of my marriage.

So the fight to stay on track is tough at times. You have to live too. I need this balance that has to make sense.

But then I feel this guilt of not being tough enough or having as much motivation to get the job done.

I hate that feeling too. It really bugs me.

I find myself asking why I can’t do more or why I’m not doing more.

I am writing though…

So maybe I should change that question around. Maybe I should ask why I can’t do more if I can always still write. Or something like that.

I still must write. I can always do that.

So why don’t I incorporate my writing in everything else I do. I write everyday. I don’t share what I write everyday and that’s starting to be really silly to me.

I have tons of things I can share.

It’s unlimited content that I can put out there and that’s easy for me. I don’t have to be as motivated to do that. So why don’t I do more of it?

Why not do the things I don’t have to feel forced to do at any given time?

And I find myself trying my best to get out of those things. Those things, meaning the social media stuff, I see lots of my peers doing…that they do awfully well.

I used to livestream a lot.

But it was mostly on one platform. Meerkat was a revolutionary experience for me. I loved to livestream on that platform. In fact, I was in the top 100 livestreamers on that platform (means nothing now).

But I think that…I didn’t do it quite the way I was supposed to…and it was because I relied upon the platform to grow that industry.

We collectively thought that if we just kept on livestreaming, that we would all somehow be discovered.

But just as anything else, a few people were recognized. And a lot of people were not. There was a great divide even then on who were the more important people to represent the livestream world.

And then of course, Meerkat shut down. Another platform that promised a lot as well was Blab. They shut down.

I was forced to do something that wasn’t really the natural thing for me but I became very comfortable with it after awhile.

People probably didn’t understand that because I appeared so comfortable doing my livestreams.

But I’m ok with being on stage as I’ve been singing since a very young age. That helped. I guess, the livestreaming thing wasn’t as big deal for me. But it wasn’t as easy for me do it as it was for others.

Me being introverted and somewhat shy means that it takes a lot for me to ramp up that livestream charm!

So I felt forced to try the livestreaming thing all over again on other platforms like FB Live and Periscope. I can also throw in SnapChat.

But since my audience was pretty much gone now, it made it that much harder.

It feels even more forced now, partly out of caution of not wanting to depend on another platform.

Then partly my understanding that you really need to be out there and known for social media to not be forced. Otherwise it takes time to get social media right and grow your audience.

I am however, very comfortable with my writing. I can do that all day.

So why not just write and share that?

This makes me back off of the forced actions now. I think I’ve seen my peers out there hustling and doing that social media thing, that I felt like I had to do it too.

Now I’m backing off of that. I need to write.

That’s all I should be doing. So I’m focusing on my content marketing most of all. That doesn’t mean that I totally backing off the social thing.

I’m just saying that everything I do will start with my writing first. So it’s not forced.

It’s not something that I have to lament doing. I can just do it. I can just write and feel free doing that.

It’s freedom. Appropriately on MLK Day.

I’m letting freedom ring.

I know that’s not the original context of that phrase but I embrace it in my own way to day.

So let freedom ring for you too. Don’t be forced into doing something that you see your peers doing all day, everyday.

They are doing what’s not forced to them. So you should do the things that’s forced to you. Do the things that keep you free from the very beginning as you start to grow your business.

There’s nothing worse than seeing someone doing something that’s forced.

I’m sure you’ve seen this in your lifetime. Like…

Why is this guy doing this?

He’s torturing himself!

He’s torturing me!

And I probably should apologize to all those people I encourage to do a livestream. They were doing something that was clearly forced. They were uncomfortable and frankly not good.

That’s my fault.

I don’t ever want to be the one that tells someone that they should do something they don’t want to do. I want them to be free to do what they want to do.

They need to be motivated in their own way to act freely in their own skin.

And that maybe it is livestreaming.

It may be blogging

It may be vlogging…which by the way is not the same as blogging!

It may be Instagramming??? If that’s a thing.

It may be SnapChatting.

Whatever it may be, let it be something that you do freely. That’s the way you can truly make an impact in this world

From now on, don’t ever do anything that’s forced.

On this MLK Day, make a change and let freedom ring, for your business, for you personally and for your audience.  Do it in your own way and make a difference that is as legendary as the message carried on this great day.

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