Un-Pause Your Independence this July 4th

This July 4th, I’m coming right off the top to give you a piece of what’s on my mind. I apologize if it comes off a little un-structured.

It’s my hope that it will carry you through the rest of this year. And oh look…I have feature pic this time!

Well with the 4th of July resonating strongly here in the states, I’m gonna run with that theme. So this article is about finally getting your independence back.

No more breaks, no pauses, no stops…it’s time.

It’s about taking your hand off the pause button and gaining your independence like you promised yourself, your family and all the friends that count on you.

It’s time. So let’s get right into it.

I started this post yesterday and after a day of festivities with my wife, I’m tired but still up. Partly because there are tons of fireworks popping off in my town.

I couldn’t go to bed if I tried.

But I’m finishing off this post because it’s part of my weekly regimen to do an article. It’s usually done every Tuesday. But I figure I do a special 4th of July post today.

I had to do it.

I couldn’t wait another day. I couldn’t wait till later on at night. It had to be done before midnight because I have no pause button now.

I’ve eliminated it.

Let me say that again…

In order to stay consistent in reaching your goals, you have to completely eliminate the pause button…

So this article had to be completed tonight.

This pause button is a curse. It’s an excuse. It’s an evil, accommodating thing that misdirects your path.

I feel that strongly about it.

I’m not saying you can’t take a day off in some things. But your one thing…

That daily driver task that you have to get done…must be done until…that goal is reached.

My main daily task at the moment is marketing my product and services. That may change in future but that’s what it is now. I don’t take a day off until…my goal is complete.

I don’t hit the button. I don’t have a button. I don’t even know what that means anymore.

I realize I may sound like a frickin maniac to you right now. I get that. That’s fair.

I felt that way when I’ve heard others say the same kind of stuff.

Doing a task every day regardless seems maddening. Don’t you take breaks???

  • I have my me time.
  • I have my family time.
  • I have my spiritual time.
  • I’m not a machine.

I just always have my daily task time. Always.

I’m obligated to it. And nothing can stop me from having this kind of mindset. It’s not rare. It’s a thing. It’s a very real thing.

A lot of athletes can relate to this kind of regimen. It’s the dedication and obligation to their craft that makes them good.

It makes them become an authority in their sport. It makes solopreneurs an authority in their niche.

I’m really letting the cat out of the bag here of the principles in which I teach. It’s very simple but most people complicate it.

You have to set yourself free.

Now this daily regimen may seem like I’m talking just the opposite. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

By dedicating yourself to your craft, you are breaking free from the normal walk of life.

I mean, cmon, it’s 4th of July in the states!

I should be out there watching all the fireworks! Maybe next year.

For now, I’ve got my daily marketing task to handle. It’s setting me apart from the rest. I’m not enslaved to the normal way of thinking.

I’m free to create my own set of choices. These choices are making way for a better future. Your choices should do the same.

Seriously, your independence is at stake.

You want to be free?

Don’t stop. Don’t take a day off. Don’t let anyone push you to leave the work. Not yet. Not till you’ve accomplished your goal.

You make time for them, yes.

But never at the expense of losing a day to work your craft. That’s unacceptable.

Take back your independence, starting today.

Just like the 13 colonies in 1776 broke free from England, you have to make your break now.

Break free from the traditional way of thinking. Do what the others can’t or refuse to do.

You still have a whole lot of year left.

Challenge yourself to incorporate your daily task today. Do it for the rest of the year and I’ll practically guarantee you’ll get exceptional results. You won’t regret it.

Take your finger off the pause button. Do it now and be dependent no longer.

You owe it to yourself, your family and your friends to make this happen. I’ll be rootin’ you on too so that’s pretty cool.

The fireworks can wait. You have a task to complete and a goal to reach. Ain’t no stopping you now.

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Bryan S Arnold
Bryan S Arnold writes low rah-rah, on your level stuff that helps you make better decisions in your personal and business life. He's the host of The Get Known Podcast & Author of upcoming book, "The Power of Streaks". When he's not writing, he's singing or binging a bit on Netflix!

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