Why doing nothing should never be an option

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I know life takes you through many different turns. What you have planned doesn’t always work out.

For instance…I had my whole week planned out. I was all excited. I had this charge to do my business sessions all at that same time.

And so far, that has happened for the most part. Today though, I only got about a half hour of my business session though.

Not the normal 2 hours I had planned.

Was very close to doing nothing but I pushed myself to do something on my phone. I was in the car my laptop in the trunk. I didn’t have the energy to get up and jump on my laptop.

I was a bit tired because I just worked out and I didn’t want to do anything else. I’m sure you know the feeling.

And I only had half an hour before Bible class was to start.

So I went on my phone and pulled up Google Drive. There, I went ahead and started writing on the guide I’d been working on.

I had one last page to finish and I actually got it done.

I use the dictation from the IOS keyboard completed the rest with my swipe keyboard. I flat out got it done.

Not only that, I also went on my Fiverr app and sent out a request to see if someone can reformat and design the report.

Because while I was looking at the reports on my phone I realize that design wise it sucked. So I put out a request to get the guide formatted which was a big relief.

That Fiverr thing didn’t work out so well but it’s the effort that counts!

That’s just the point of this whole thing. I didn’t leave my work at zero. Something had to get done that day.

There was a step forward and with a sign of actual progress. Now that’s exciting.

It’s more exciting than doing nothing because that’s the ultimate disappointment.

Those days of disappointment can no longer be tolerated.

And that’s what this article is about today. We’re discussing the end of any day on this with you being non-productive. NO MORE!

You ready?

Let’s go…

You can no longer be satisfied with a day of the nothing. You should be in the pursuit of being productive on every single day.

This is what I’ve done, this what I currently do and how I approach every project going forward. No Days Off…

Every day should be a pursuit of productivity. It should be your intention to be productive every day. If you don’t have a strategy, fine, that’s okay…because you can find that strategy eventually.

Just do not have the intention of you can’t do anything when it comes to your dreams every day. You’re gonna lose it if you do.

I remember those days when I would do just that and feel horrible.

I’d be off work on a personal day when I had all the time to really produce the way I wanted. But when that day arrived, I would squander it somehow.

And I know that you are maybe feeling that at times. Life comes at you fast and time is not always on your side.

I get that! I hear ya! I’m writing this late and I’m truly feeling the crunch of time.

However, the days, months, years of doing and being less than you can have to end sometime. Being productive in spurts and really not embracing the daily work mentality will hurt you in the end.

I was just like this not too long ago. I really was…And I’m saying, this was a huge chunk of my life filled with wasted opportunities for real productivity.

My state of mind finally changed. You can change that state of mind too.

You must have that intentional state of mind. First, you can’t go into anything with the feeling of not really wanting to do it daily. Secondly, you must always work with a  purpose while you’re doing it.

If you know the purpose behind your actions, then the mere thought of doing nothing it’s unacceptable on any day.

This is not easy. It’s not something that you snap your fingers, then you’ve got it. This something I had to develop…

It wasn’t done in a day, a week, a month…nope!

It took months before I was able to develop this mindset of obligation. It’s an attitude where you are obligated to your daily work and no one can take you from it.

I talked about attitude before when it comes to doing your work.

Sometimes work is hard and it’s frustrating and it’s constant and it’s long. There are times when it seems like it will never end.

But it does. It always does. I can’t stress it enough that it definitely comes to a stop eventually.

How you navigate your emotions in that process is everything. You can go into it with an attitude of frustration in exhaustion.

Or you can go into it with a fire and relentless spirit that it won’t get you down. And only you can make that happen. You have the ability to control and develop that state of mind.

So doing nothing is a failure really because it’s all under your control. You have the ability to be productive in a moments notice.

You have everything that you need to be productive. Most of us have a small computer in your hands that can do virtually anything now.

I already gave you an example previously of what can be done from your digital phone.

There is no excuse.

The only excuse is made by you and you alone.

Navigate your emotions and start with as little time as you have with as little resources you have. It doesn’t matter.

You dictate how you deal with what you have in the moment. Use what you have to get the results you need.

It can only strengthen your story.

Be resilient.

Be efficient.

Be resourceful.

Sometimes you have everything at your disposal. Sometimes, not so much. Live with it and deal with it.

But the work should always come with no excuses. No one buys excuses anyway.

So get to the point where you are turning your emotions of “I’m doing nothing” into ” I must do something.”

And may your days of nothing never be an option again.

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