Why the Pursuit of Getting into that Olympic Arena is Enough

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Inspiration comes in many shapes, sizes in colors when you watch the Olympics.

It’s fascinating what you see from people from all walks of life isn’t?

There is a sense you get, from the powers that be, that all of the competing countries are all so different. But when I see these athletes, it’s clear that we’re not so different at all.

Get past the language barrier and you’ll see that they’re all competing for the same prize. Competing for that same reward.

They all can relate to the hard work and the sacrifice it takes to get to that point.

Even if they don’t get the top spot or land on that podium, they’re in that arena. They did enough to be chosen. They did enough to win and get there.

It’s an amazing achievement and they all can relate to it. That’s why you see the camaraderie among the athletes because they know it’s not easy to get there.

They all know that if they are in the Olympics, it took a lot of work, blood, sweat and tears no doubt.

Tons of long days.
Tons of repetition.
Tons of sacrifice.
Tons of lonely time.
Tons of listening to instruction.

They all know what it took to get there and they’re really that you’re not that much different than each other.

It’s the best thing about the Olympics.

We are all human.
We all have the ability to do great things.
We all have the ability to work hard for what we want.
We all have the ability to sacrifice to reach our goals.
We all have the will to be isolate ourselves to get things done when it counts.
We all have the ability to listen to instruction so we can improve ourselves.

This is what content creators, entrepreneurs can learn from these athletes.

There is no one who comes from a better background or is so superior that you can’t compete or be among the best.

If you work just as hard and sacrifice just as much as anyone else, the results will get you to the same arena.

No question in my mind about it.

They understand that.

You should understand that too.

So if you look at others that you think are very successful and more influential, don’t despair. Don’t feel like they are superior.

They are just ahead of you.

So what do you about that?

Catch up!

The only difference between them and you is what I just listed above.

Hard work

The people doing these things, on a consistent basis, are in the masterminds you can’t be a part of, those private workshops that you can’t afford or you’re just not invited to…period.

They can’t relate to you and vice versa, you can’t relate to them.

You don’t belong in that arena until you’re able to do what it takes to make it into that arena.

You have to be able to work and sacrifice every day. Understand that there is no one who is necessarily better than you.

You just have to run through the same routines. You may not be able to reach their level of work in some cases. But maybe you can beat them in others.

The key is to find your best thing. If you look at these athletes, they all have their signature ways of doing things. It’s strictly their own thing.

You have to have your own thing to win at what you do. Something that they can’t do or aren’t willing to do. Cuz there is no one, and I mean no one that is great at everything.

This is why you have to believe that you can be in that arena. Show them something they can’t do. It’s important to understand this for your authority.

It could be anything. But you need to show it off as much as possible.

  • So you must have the regimen of an Olympic athlete.
  • You must understand that you are just as good as anyone else in the world.
  • You must show off your uniquely gifted authority.

And this can happen in anything you do.

For example, when I sing, another singer might say, I love your voice. Not to brag but that happens. It’s real.

But then I can listen to that singer who complimented me and say the exact same thing.


Because there are things I do when I sing that he can’t. And there are things that other singer can do that I certainly can’t do.

A lot of that has to do with each singer having their own unique tone. We call it timbre.
It characterizes a distinct tonality of one’s voice that is unique to that person. So it’s basically impossible for anyone to sound completely alike.

This emphasizes my point that there is a unique special talent in you that no one can do as well as you. Use it. Show it off!

I guarantee you that it will work wonders for your confidence and create an even higher authority in your niche.

Then their is the stories. Everyone of these athletes have a unique story. And don’t we love them all. They all have something they overcome, gotten past or pushed through to make their dreams come true.

There’s a story in you. You need to tell it and let people know that you have come a long way. People will gather around to hear it. It’s inspiring and lesson for all to learn.

Your life is a story that can help so many people in this world. So find the story in you and tell it to anyone who will listen.

This has been a bit of a haphazard article but I’m sure you get what the Olympics can teach if you.

It teaches me all these things and so much more. If they can do it, anyone can do it. Cliche but absolutely, positively possible for you to achieve.

I used to blow off that phrase too but now I see it so much clearer now adhering to the lessons that can discovered watching a bit of the Olympics.

I encourage you to watch just a bit and find some inspiration to get you in that arena you want to be in too.

Update: This was part of my daily writing inspired the Olympics this year. I hope it inspires you as you finish out the year. Do enough to get in that arena and you’ll be doing more than the average person can ever dream of!

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