You have to start with your very best worst showing.

What do I mean by that?

I mean that you need to start. That’s the first thing.

Second, you have to do your very best with whatever you have.

Third, you have to understand that it’s going to be the worst showing because it’s your first time.

You’re never going to get over that. Period.

Your worst showing will be your first showing. So no matter how much you try, that will be the case. You’re most likely gonna flub it up somewhere and that’s ok.

And that’s what this current article is all about. Getting the worst out of the way with your start. Ready to dive in?

Let’s continue…

You’re gonna shine eventually. It’s just not going to be your first time out. No way will it happen this way.

I can tell you that from a writer’s perspective. My latest blog is just beginning to take some type of form. I’m not happy with my first bits of writing.

I’m not happy with my latest as of this writing really. I have a long ways to go to get my structure the way I want it to be.

It takes time.

I’m sure you would say this to anyone trying to launch or should I say scared to launch their business. It’s not gonna be perfect, you would say.

That would be good instruction for sure.

And I know you would say that to anyone who ask your advice. So let’s make it that way with you as well. You’re not exempt from this type of instruction.

Not at all!

You just need to expect that your first showing will be your best of your worst showing!

Sounds crazy but I’m trying to say that’s going to be the best flub of your life. Get out there.

Then it’s all uphill from there.

It sucks to really have that sink in but it’s just a way of life. You have to crawl before you walk. But it’s a start.

Crawling at least puts you in a state of movement. You’re going in a direction. It’s slow at first but you’ll eventually be walking tall and proud…

You just have to get it in your thick skull that you will be laugh worthy at first. People will understand. Ask for feedback so that you will get encouragement.

Nothing like starting something and you don’t know how people feel about it.

That’s no good!

Get feedback and get better. People will definitely tell you how they feel for sure. That’s a way of life too.

No need to guess on how they feel. Find out for sure. It could be something very simple that you can correct to make your business better.

I noticed in my live videos that I have this strange inhaling breathing thing going on. Sounds horrible. But I never asked for feedback on my performance.

So why would anyone share their critique?

They would just keep it to themselves or just leave being totally turned off by my hideous inhaling.

I am trying my best to correct this by the way. It’s a process. It’s not like I can get rid of it right away. I do have to crawl first…right?

But you have to realize that your worst showing can be corrected faster than you think. Especially if you’re asking for feedback. This is so critical.

Do all you can to get people involved in your evolution…

That’s how stars are made these days.

You will make your own corrections. But other people will find the holes in your game that you don’t see.

Suck it up and ask for those holes!

You won’t see them, trust me. They will.
They always do!

Be humble and ask. Keep asking till you get the results you want for yourself but more importantly your audience.

So let’s work this out…

1) Get the worst showing out of the way…

It’s gonna be your worst. You should just get it over with. Count it as a rookie loss. No one will fault you for it. You may even introduce it as such when you start.

I don’t think anyone can fault you for that. I believe everyone knows about the first time. So embrace it and just be done with it.

2) Get feedback and improve

It’s important to find out from your peers or even just friends and family about how you’re doing. That’s the only way you’ll get better.

You might be thinking that you’re doing so well. But then no one is showing up. It’s because you’re being your own critic and it’s not about you.

It’s about them.

You love yourself! You’re gonna think you’re doing great no matter what!

Get the feedback so you can get better over time. You can’t succeed without it.

And that’s really it. I’m leaving it to a 2-step plan. If you want a 3rd one, it’s just rinse and repeat.

But you should know that already!

Go out and stink up the joint now and improve later.

I’m out!

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