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Why Your Heart Thing is the Only Thing that Matters!


Thanks Jimmy Cliff

That might be my theme song for awhile….or not.. 🙂

A lot of things have become clear to me with how I respond to different projects…

It’s amazing how people push away what they love to do.

You probably know what you want right this second but you don’t know how it’s possible.

I was talking to my son this week and you know…you try to hint where they should be going without pushing them away.

Sometimes it works…sometimes it just doesn’t take.

So I told him that I’m going after the what I call the “Heart Thing”.

He knew exactly what I meant. It’s MUSIC.

It’s always been music.

But he knew where I was going. His thing is ACTING.

The hard part about both of these professions is that it’s hard to breakthrough and it’s a huge investment of time and money.

So you think about making money first some other way to fund your passion career. Your HEART THING.

You get a job. Maybe you get a second job.

You try to climb the ladder.

Maybe you get into a relationship and have kids.

Now all your time is focused mostly on your family as it should.

I went through that. My son is going through that now with his new family.

His response…”I can’t find the time“.

Now I’m not knocking anyone who has a family early in life. If you find love or you have kids, that’s life.

But now…your time is limited.

At this very moment…you really can only focus on one thing (outside of your family).

It should be that Heart Thing.

Let’s face it!

All the extra effort that you try to get money to fund the project you want could be going towards your heart project.

All the days, months and even years…and many cases you’ve failed cuz that’s not what you want.

You’re good at this HEART THING!

You act differently. You get excited. You get off your couch and that emotions are just different.

And while you may be good at something else. It doesn’t compare.

I don’t want you to look back and say to yourself that I could’ve have just been doing what I loved.

That short amount of time that you had could’ve been focused on just that.

And yes you could get a job and be successful at it, then try to somehow save up and do what you love. But what about all the years you could’ve just done what aligns with your heart.

Here’s a video that I also sent my son. It’s about the turning point of Bobby Hundreds with some sage advice from an employer…listen in at about 4 mins in.

It encapsulates everything I’m saying here but better….

This is where I’ve been struggling. I’m at the point where I’m not excited trying to do the other things I’ve been doing.

Does that mean that this whole site will change?!

In some ways yes…but isn’t that that great that I’ll be doing what I’m most happy with…

Music, Media…investing in and producing Films/TV.

I want you to see clearly now as I am. Stop worrying about what others think you should be doing, staying in that same boat. There are a lot of people that are seeing their careers with a new lens from this pandemic.

And they are quitting in droves and rethinking everything!!

So here’s the question that I’m sure you’ve hears so many times.

What do you love to do?

I know this isn’t breaking news but I think some people get lost and it takes years to finally see what they’ve been pushing away. For some, they just give up.

I want THE RAIN TO BE GONE in your path of what you truly want.

So many talk about being free and it’s always tied to money. But I think being free is living a life that is spent doing that Heart Thing…what you truly love to do.

That doesn’t mean that you will or even have to be rich. But as GaryVee expressed recently, it’s all about being Happy!

And if you’re doing that Heart Thing…That’s all that matters.

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