Discovering the Work Smart Way to Building a Better Lifestyle Business

Discovering the Build Smart

This first post is titled in a way that leads to more discovery to come.

I’m really in the middle of this journey. Cliche as the whole journey thing may be.
It is a journey that I’m still discovering.

I like the way it’s going however, and I’m glad it’s the first post I’m writing on this blog.

Well, it’s not really the first post as I’ve had this domain name for over five years, I believe.
I’ve abandoned it, believing that my journey was elsewhere. I’ve come full circle now
to see that nope!

It’s really here! Back to

I thought I was this…then I thought I was that.

I thought this was the right way…then I thought that was the right way.

Now I’m discovering that I need to work this whole thing out the smart way.

Even up to a month ago, I was Gung ho about another path I thought was The Way!
I put it out there and it bombed like you would not believe!

  • I went out there and changed all my social profiles.
  • Linked everybody to my new site.
  • Created a lead magnet
  • Set up a landing page
  • Invested in a email service provider
  • Wrote an email sequence

And of course, I was so excited telling everyone all around me!

The grand result of all of this was Zero takers!

Zero subscribers!

Zero interest!

Just Zero!

What to do? What did this mean to my supposed journey?

What do you do when you finally think you have it and you still fail?

Well I didn’t have to look long for that answer.
The answer came from the people.
Thank God for the people!

They gave me the answer and I didn’t even have to ask a question.

I guess I never considered the voice of the people.
How ironic, ignorant and quite frankly arrogant of me.

For me not to consider what the people wanted was foolish as I’ve been told this
over and over and over again.

It happened primarily as I was simply sharing what I enjoyed doing.

Sharing with no expectation.
Sharing with consistency.
Sharing with constant improvement

Asking for feedback every step of the way.

Was it work? Yes.

But not enough that it was draining. It was something I loved to do.
And I simply shared it with others.

Turns out that people liked the content and asked for more.
Specifically they wanted a place where they could reference it
over time.

Again, I never asked if they wanted this content in this manner.
I was just told that this is what they wanted repeatedly.

So I was like wow?!?!

So you don’t want any of the things I prepared meticulously for you
on this other site. You just want more of this…gotcha!

What a waste!

Not really but if you were in my shoes, I’m sure that would be a normal
reaction to everything I did beforehand.

I’m glad I went through that process however as it was a very teachable
moment for me.

Always have the voice of the people behind your product!

The only voice I had behind my product was mine. So naturally I was the only one
who gave a damn!

That isn’t something that’s good for the public at large. It was the wrong approach.
It was the work dumb way of building your lifestyle business as opposed to the work
smart way.

The smart way is have the masses behind you on each product. Just makes the most sense.
If the people aren’t behind you, then you probably don’t have a business…ever.

So, I began this discovery from this teachable moment.

Everything I was sharing was built on the foundation of helping people to find
alternative solutions to build their businesses.

I didn’t realize at the time that it was the thing I should be doing. I didn’t mind
doing it. In fact, I loved doing it.

2 and 2 just wasn’t coming together for me. (Funny how there are times when other
people see it or help you see it before you do).

Everything was beginning to come full circle. Amazing isn’t it?

You never know why you have to go through all this stuff to get there but you do.
And that’s why I wouldn’t change a thing about the experience.

In fact I encourage more and more people to just go and get it over with!

That thing that you think is it…Just do it because 9 times outta 10 you’re dead wrong.
But until you go through that experience, you’ll probably never get it. I can see you now
reading this and thinking…but Bryan?!

And that’s fine.

Go ahead and do what you were going to do. This is not an indictment on your next big thing!

I want you do it. Screw up that is!

Get it out of your system, learn from it, so you can move forward. Cuz you’re never gonna
move forward otherwise.

Once you’re past that and are ready to do things the smart way, I’ll be here welcoming you
to the club. It’s all good.

So this discovery is still in its infancy but it comes down to a few things thus far…

Yep. It’s time for the good stuff…at least a little. 🙂

Create a Build Smart Atmosphere

And this simply means that you need to survey any action in your business and contemplate a
smarter way to perform them. In fact, I’d go as far as trying to find the smartest way possible.

Look at what you’re currently using.

  • Are you using the most efficient software?
  • Is the software you’re using budget-friendly?
  • Are you doing things in your business you suck at?
  • Do you spend way to much time doing the same things repeatedly?
  • Do have the right strategies in place to take you to the next level?

Everything is about building smart every step of the way, in every department of your lifestyle
business. Entrepreneurs face these hurdles all the time so being smart with every step is crucial.

Every detail of your business must be performed smartly as well

BTW, you’re getting a good chunk of what my upcoming book will look like. This is part of the
outline here in this post. These next two points could make a big difference in your business so
pay attention.

Now the work smart way will go even deeper to suggest that you be smart in the details.

For example.

You have a blog and you need to be set up a subscriber form in the sidebar.
Don’t just try to figure that out all by yourself.

Could you? Of course.

Is that the smart way. Again, you’re creating a build smart atmosphere.

Find a model to look up to…

So even in the details, you need to be hustling by observing several different popular blogs with forms in their sidebar. Perhaps you’ll find that some blogs don’t even have forms in their sidebar and that may be a smarter route for you personally.

The fact is that you shouldn’t just wing it. Not even in the details.

You wouldn’t build a house that way would ya?

Not unless you want it to all come crashing down. And that’s what you’re doing if you don’t
take even the details seriously in your business.

Plus why go through the hassle trying to figure that out all yourself. You’ll be there for hours!
Not so much trying to put the form and the copy together. Although that can take a long time in and of itself.

But the indecision is what will kill you!

Cuz you don’t know if it’ll what?

If it will be something your visitors will like right?

Well if you find that model site…that blog you love or that you know is getting plenty of hits,
your decision will become much clearer. Why?

You know it’s a proven model that works.

This is the smart way.

The Work Smart Way.

Is this catching on at all?

I’m giving you some quality stuff here. I’m quite certain.
And stuff I’m not sure I even wanted to put out yet.

But you need it now. I need it too so why hold back right?

Plus most readers won’t skim down this far. So if you’ve gotten this far, kudos to you!

Get the smartest tools to build your lifestyle business

So you need to be vigilant at getting the smartest tools to build your business.
And although I may not have this systemized quite yet, it comes down to a few things that
every entrepreneur needs out of each tool:

  • Simple to implement
  • Well designed if possible
  • Easy to navigate
  • Powerful features
  • Great support
  • History or promise of improved updates

And I may have few more or less in the future. But the point is you want your tools to be as
frustration free as possible. It has to be something that you depend on hopefully,
for years to come.

The problem is that most people follow their online heroes and want to use the same
things they use. And believe me, I get it!

It makes sense that if those tools are good enough for them then it must be good enough for
you right? Maybe.

But what if those tools just aren’t for you which may be the case often because your online
heroes are quite frankly on another level.

  • Maybe they can afford a tool that’s not in your budget.
  • Maybe they have a staff person that can get through the tech stuff that you can’t
  • Maybe they are using that tool because they pay nothing either through a deal with the company or just from affiliate sales.
  • Maybe it’s just not something you like

Guess what?

That’s OK on all those fronts. It’s just not OK for you.

You need an alternative that works for you despite how much your online hero insist you use the product they’re using.

You can’t look past what I’m saying right here. It’s extremely important as I’ve seen many
entrepreneurs waste money and time trying force their business into these tools.

It’s a bad scene my friends. I’m guilty as charged too. Many times over.

So when I say you need to find the smartest tools, that just means that it has to be
the right one for you in all cases.

  • Cost
  • Simplicity
  • Navigation
  • Features
  • Company support

This is different depending on the user. Some of you may not need as much support as others.
I know I’m a stickler for support but that may not be you.

So be smart in your choice of tools.  Choose what’s best at the current time
to make your business grow.

Use the smartest strategies to build your lifestyle business

This part really should be familiar to you if you’ve been in this game for awhile.
And that’s clearly by following your online heroes.

Not sure if there is one correct way to do this but I will make this point that I received from a book I read that changed the way I learn.

That book is called “Effortless Reading “ by Vu Tran.

He explains that importance of deliberate reading. A lot of us have a tough time
reading entire books, myself included. Although I may read more than most, it’s not
always deliberate.

Sometimes I read just to be reading. I may read an entire book just to say I read it all.
When in fact I should be reading it to learn specific things I can do right now.

The author goes on to describe that perhaps we don’t have to read every word of
every book. Just the parts that are applicable right now.

So I said all that to make this application to your business.

Don’t consume everything under the sun just to do it. Start consuming things that
will help you right now.

Do you need to know strategies on managing FaceBook ads to get leads right now?

Read those books, blogs or watch videos on that.

Do you need to learn how to do videos on YouTube?

Read those books, vlogs or watch videos on that.

Do you need to know how to livestream correctly to get leads?

Read books…well you get it!

Be focused on that one thing till you get it somewhat mastered. The last thing you
need to do is read a book on podcasting, then a book on social media, then a book on
copywriting, etc.

That’s unfocused learning and it’s quite frankly holding back your business.

So be intentional in your learning.

Find the right strategies which may come down to the person(s) you like the most.

Find someone who resonates with you. When they speak, you listen and you take action.
Every person you listen to won’t do that for you. So you have to be vigilante in finding this
model to look up to so your business can grow.

This may mean investing some cash into some program that you need. I don’t want to get into
too much of this yet but if you can’t afford it, that’s not for you yet.

Not to say it’s not in your future. It’s just not for you or your business yet. This doesn’t mean you don’t have that entrepreneurial spirit! As some will try and shame you into thinking.

Just find a way to afford it in the appropriate time or find an alternative that will help you now.

I’ll say this now though. There’s always an alternative.

Sometimes just as good or maybe not as good. But it will work for you right now.
And that’s the smart move.

The Work Smart Way in progress…

So this concept is a work in progress. You could probably leave me forever now knowing
what you’ve learned from this article.

But I encourage you to stay of course as I present alternative resources first that I’m calling
my smart resource guides.

Soon after, it will be followed by my smart strategy guides. The strategy guides will obviously
not be written by me only. At least the plan is that I shouldn’t.

So if you get anything out of this…it’s to create a work smart atmosphere.

Look over your business now and check if there is something that would help you
be more efficient. I’m sure you’ll find something.

Leave a comment and let me know what tools or strategies are not working for you.

I won’t just respond to you. I’ll give you some alternatives as well. Why?

Cuz I love doing that kinda stuff remember?

So again, give your biz a once over.

Come back, comment and let’s see if we can find you some smart alternatives!

Bryan S Arnold
Bryan S Arnold writes low rah-rah, on your level stuff that helps you make better decisions in your personal and business life. He's the host of The Get Known Podcast & Author of upcoming book, "The Power of Streaks". When he's not writing, he's singing or binging a bit on Netflix!

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